Nurugo Box

Nurugo Box

Use your smartphone as an amazing 400X microscope!

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Nurugo Box
Nurugo Box Nurugo Box Nurugo Box Nurugo Box

Nurugo Micro applied Optical Technology's patented that is the smallest and lightest digital smartphone microscope that can take images with a magnification of up to 400x.
it provides high resolution.

1. school materials
Students who can Simple and Easy access with smartphone then use for natural observation, experiment
Nurugo Micro could also be used for school material, supplies materials and more.

2. Mobile accessory in various fields
Nurugo Micro can be used in various fields such as check PBC,skin, scalp and more.
It cannot be observed with our naked eyes.


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Version: 2.1.1 by NURUGO
Updated: 11 February 2020 (712 days ago)
Released: 08 January 2016
Installations: more than 10 000
Nurugo Box
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