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Nox Relax

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Nox Relax
Nox Relax Nox Relax Nox Relax Nox Relax Nox Relax

Nox Relax is an app that helps users experience a lower stressful less anxious and more restful and relaxed mind thinking. Hundreds of high-quality sessions focused on soul healing and stress relief will help you release stress comfort mind and think better.

💤 Improve Deep Sleep for Relieving Insomnia
Insomnia can be brutal making both day and night hours difficult and painful. However certain sounds and music – including rainfall stream and rhythmic waves – can improve the quality of slumber for both children and adults. Nox Relax can lull you into dreamland with white noise pink noise and relaxing tunes. It will help you wind down and fall asleep faster and deeper and guarantee a better night with ambient sounds music.

😌 Keep Calm & Relax for Stress Relief
Maybe your work and routine life make you feel overwhelmed and drain your energy. Nox Relax can help you stay calm and cool when you are extremely stressed. While watching anti-stress videos and GIF photos you can fulfill all your desires and make your stress go away. Besides enjoyable music from Nox Relax can give you a direct effect on the parasympathetic nervous which helps your body relax.

🌼 Remove Negative Energy from Your Mind
Negativity is toxic to your life so you will need to clear negative energy from your system in order to allow positive energy to thrive on your journey of holistic well-being. Nox Relax offers a lot of funny videos & photos and makes your positive energy thriving. Using the Nox Relax app you can loosen and ultimately release the grip negativity has over you.

🧘 Heal Emotional and Psychological Trauma
Music therapy can be used to help bring the body into a state of relaxation and live music along with spoken guide relaxation gives the body a chance to enter into a state of relaxation. Music from Nox Relax can help users face their past experiences and reduce painful patterns in relationships in their lives.

🎵 Study Focus & Creativity with Inspirational Music
The right music in the background can lead to getting things done more more quickly or simply keep us inspired. Nox Relax can help you focus on the task at hand and boost your productivity. We believe Nox Relax can be a great tool for everyone who performs better with music in the background while doing any mental work like studying writing coding doing office work or while being creating.

Download Nox Relax today give your mind a peaceful time and live better.

About this version (2.3.1)

1.Added cute girl videos, you’ll enjoy the vivid charm of beauties 2.Added music category, it helps you relieve stress with white noise 3.Added picture category, Let the pictures heal your soul

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