NoviSign Digital Signage

NoviSign Digital Signage

NoviSign's Android Digital Signage Player app - High performance on ANY device!

NoviSign Digital Signage
NoviSign Digital Signage NoviSign Digital Signage NoviSign Digital Signage NoviSign Digital Signage NoviSign Digital Signage NoviSign Digital Signage NoviSign Digital Signage NoviSign Digital Signage NoviSign Digital Signage NoviSign Digital Signage NoviSign Digital Signage NoviSign Digital Signage

This is the new most updated NoviSign Android Digital Signage Player - High performance on ANY device!

What is NoviSign digital signage player app all about?

The player app enables any Android based screen to play your broadcast. From your home, office or anywhere on the road you can set a broadcast of images, videos and other slides to the Android device.

What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage (also referred to as "Digital Signboard") is a form of electronic display that shows television programming, menus, information, advertising and other messages (from Wikipedia).

How do I configure the load, the content and the broadcast?
You just need to log in to website and set your message.

Important features:
- Schedule your broadcast
- Broadcast to one or many screens (same or different content)

What are the best steps to follow for setting up the system?
- Open an account at (it is free for evaluation and testing; pay for production use)
- On cloud based digital signage system load/build your creative, arrange the creative in a playlist and associate it to the players (screens)
- Now, copy the player key from the cloud web editor and enter it in this Android player app which you're now installing
- From this moment, this player app will retrieve the content (playlist) and present it on the Android device

What type of digital signage objects/widgets can I use?
- Image
- Video
- Flash animation
- Slideshow
- Rolling text (custom tickers)
- Weather
- Clock
- Countdown
- Web page / HTML
- Poll
- Instagram
- Shape
- YouTube video
- Ustream video
- Templates
- IoT
- Barcode Reader
- Ads Market Adomni / Vistar
- Calendar
- Table

What's new from the former Android player?

The new Android player from NoviSign provides the same NoviSign player functionality such as Text, Ticker, RSS, Video and YouTube with lower CPU consumption. This capability will allow Digital Signage users and implementers to reduce costs by using small and low cost Android Based devices such as MK808 / MK908 / Minix Neo X7 / Minix Neo X7 mini / Minix Neo X5 / Shuttle DSA2LS reducing the total cost of Digital Signage projects.
In addition the new player presents two new innovative interactive widgets: Digital Signage Polling system, and Digital Signage Gaming widget!

Our software digital signage app supports NoviTizer hand sanitizer kiosk.

This App is great to use on Android SoC Displays such as Sony, Philips, Sharp, ViewSonic and other SoC TV screens that are using Android as their OS.

With the NoviSign App and online Studio you can easily build a touch kiosk for any android based touch device. Wayfinding kiosks for EDU, Healthcare and shopping mall are typically build using our studio and running on this app from 7 inch, 10 inch and all the way to 32, 40 and up to 98 touch android devices.

Build an Advertising network using the NoviSing app uploading the content to the NoviSign CMS for signage or connecting to 3rd party while all performance would be logged and reported on the proof of play report.

Use our SignagePlayer Android for your digitalsignage! contact us with any question to

Broadcast your content in minutes to any number of screens and locations.
The app also exists in a format for Windows and for those who use web signage.

Using Android version 4.2 and above - this is the version you would like to use!


About this version (5.0.65-0-80)

* Fix for the auto-upgrade feature * Support for the SFTP option (in the FTP widget) * Support for push notifications feature * Support in refresh interval for images of webimage widget * Bug fixes

Other versions

5.0.44-0-53 released on 01 November 2021 (573 days ago)
5.0.10-0-14 released on 24 March 2021 (795 days ago)
5.0.9-0-13 released on 08 March 2021 (811 days ago)
4.4.147-0-250 released on 13 August 2020 (1018 days ago)
4.4.141-0-244 released on 26 July 2020 (1036 days ago)
4.4.137-0-240 released on 10 June 2020 (1082 days ago)

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Updated: 14 April 2022 (409 days ago)
Installations: more than 10 000
NoviSign Digital Signage
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