Noto | Simple Notes App

Noto | Simple Notes App

Noto is a simple open source note-taking application.

Noto | Simple Notes App
Noto | Simple Notes App Noto | Simple Notes App Noto | Simple Notes App Noto | Simple Notes App Noto | Simple Notes App Noto | Simple Notes App Noto | Simple Notes App Noto | Simple Notes App

Minimal and modern design
With its modern and simplistic design, Noto makes it easier to navigate and look things up.

Use libraries to group your notes. Customize each library with different names and colors, so you can easily find and organize your notes.

Each library has its own set of labels and you can use them to filter your notes.

Auto quick save
You don't need to worry about saving your notes constantly. Noto automatically saves your notes immediately while you're typing.

Library notes archive
Done with a note but you don't want to delete it? Just archive them. Each library has its own archive where you can keep your notes for later use.

Duplicate, copy, and move notes
Noto supports duplicating, moving, and copying notes across different libraries.

Export libraries and notes
Do you want to backup your data? Noto provides an easy way to export your libraries and notes.

Notes words-count
Noto keeps track of the number of written words in each note.

Dark mode
Do you want to check your notes at night? No problem, Noto supports auto dark mode that follows your system theme. You can also keep Noto’s theme always light or dark.

List and grid layout modes
You can customize libraries’ and notes’ layouts easily depending on your needs.

You can attach reminders for your notes and you will get notified about them in time.

Custom sorting and grouping
You can sort and group notes the way you want for each library.

We all hate ads. Well, Noto doesn't have any. Enjoy the full experience without any ads and free of cost.

All your notes and libraries are stored locally on your device and they will never leave it.

Open source
Noto is an open-source application. You can view its source code on GitHub at anytime using this link

Special thanks to Nuray Sabri and Alparslan Şakçi for the Turkish localization, and everyone who has helped and contributed in the development.

About this version (1.6.3)

• Fix a crash happening on Android 12. • Other bug fixes and design improvements.

Other versions

1.6.2 released on 30 October 2021 (32 days ago)
1.6.0 released on 23 October 2021 (39 days ago)
1.5.3 released on 11 October 2021 (51 days ago)
1.5.2 released on 02 October 2021 (60 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 3 MB
Version: 1.6.3 by
Updated: 13 November 2021 (18 days ago)
Installations: more than 1 000
Noto | Simple Notes App
5 Stars: 48
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