Nonogram Games

Nonogram Games

Small and easy hard and huge logic picross nonogram for beginners and experts

Nonogram Games
Nonogram Games Nonogram Games Nonogram Games Nonogram Games Nonogram Games Nonogram Games Nonogram Games

Nonogram games is a world famous japanese puzzles with a very simple rules and interesting solutions. Nonogram puzzles, also known as picross or griddlers puzzles, helps you develop your logical thinking and increase your brain power in a new and exciting way.

The rules of nonograms games are very simple. At the start of the game you see a grid of empty squares. Each of that square you have to fill in with black color or mark with cross symbol as blank in accordance with the numbers at the beginning of every line. That numbers tell you exact lengths and order of the unbroken black squares in a relevant row and col. Any pair of that successive blocks has at least one blank square between. The goal of nonogram games is to use your logic to fill in all squares right and open a hidden color picture.

Nonogram puzzles has several levels of difficulty. From very easy nonogram for beginners up to big and very hard nonogram for experts. That's why these picross puzzles is perfect for kids and adults, for novice and advanced solvers.

Nonograms puzzles supports two modes of game. With automatic error checking in which you have 3 lives so you might be wrong only twice to continue game. And another one is a classic mode in which you have no any limits with mistakes but you should to rely on your own logic only to be sure you are on a right way. In both modes you will see a hidden color picture only if nonogram is solved right.

Nonogram games for beginners and experts has very simple and intuitive gameplay. A central part of a screen space is a nonogram. Use two fingers to zoom in and out puzzle. It would help you to solve difficult and huge nonograms in a more comfortable way. There are four draw modes on a bottom panel: square, cross, eraser and magic wand. Use it to select a right mode before you draw something on a nonogram. Select square or cross to fill in square with black color or to mark it as empty. Select eraser to clear a drawing or select magic wand to know a right solution for sure. Use long tap to draw or erase several squares at a time. A top panel contains information about how long have you spent on current puzzle and how many lives are left. With the help of advanced settings you could turn on or off vibrations, sounds, auto filling with crosses, redrawing mode and other effects. And, of course, you can play it offline with no wifi as well as online.

Nonogram puzzles free features:

• Large gallery with a thousands of picross games
• New nonogram games every day
• Nonograms with levels: from very easy 5x5 up to huge and difficult nonograms 100x100
• Nonogram games offline and online modes
• Nonogram with lives and without lives modes
• Suitable nonogram for tablet and phone

Nonograms games premium features:

• Gameplay with no ads
• Unlimited access to all nonograms

Please keep in mind that you might share your premium account with up to 5 family members for free.

Try new nonogram games right now and exercise your mind with great pleasure anywhere and anytime. As a result you will be surprised with a lot of color images of cats, dogs, other cute animals, cars, anime character and many many more.

All picross puzzles are verified and each of them has unique right solution.

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