Night Light

Night Light

Easy to use night light app with freely selectable background and much more.

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Night Light
Night Light Night Light Night Light Night Light Night Light Night Light Night Light Night Light

A night light app for Android phones with a variety of useful functions. Design your personal night-light according to your wishes.
The app is easy to use and reliable. You can freely configure the function as you wish.

• Select the desired brightness as it suits you.
• Determine how long the night light should shine at night.
• If you wish the app will automatically stop completely when the selected time has elapsed and the night light mode is terminated.
• Add your desired background image. Either from your device's memory or from a set of supplied images.
• If you don't want to have a background image you can of course simply start a night light without an image.
• You can freely choose the background color of the light.
• The app can automatically mute your phone when you start the night light. If the night light is switched off the previous status is automatically restored.
• We have supplied 3 standard configurations for you.
• Of course you can add as many configurations as you like.
• And of course you can delete the configurations.

• English
• German
• Spanish (coming soon)

The app will be developed continuously therefore there will be new functions from time to time.

Coming Soon
• It will be possible to play soothing background noises such as ocean noise.
• We are working on a fall asleep function some time after activating the night light the light slowly gets darker when it is quiet in the room.
• If the mobile phone in the room notices an increase in volume (as when waking up) the light will automatically become brighter again.
• Soon it will be possible to use the night light as an alarm clock.
• We will equip the app with a warning function if the battery level is critical and no charging cable is connected then a warning window will be displayed.

Have a lot of fun with this app and if you have suggestions for improvement don't hesitate to contact us.

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Released: 31 January 2019
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Night Light
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