Night Ambient Lights

Night Ambient Lights

Have a rest and take a relaxing bath lighted by this app! Multicolor flashlight!

Night Ambient Lights
Night Ambient Lights Night Ambient Lights Night Ambient Lights Night Ambient Lights Night Ambient Lights Night Ambient Lights Night Ambient Lights Night Ambient Lights Night Ambient Lights

Turn off the big lights. Fill up the bath tube with warm to hot water and make sure you add enough soap to get the right amount of relaxing foam. You may want to pop in some bathing salts as well. Get a towel or cushion for your head. Get your smartphone and choose the right color set according to your mood. Put it aside safely, and voila! Let your mind expel all stress and worries out. That's the magic of Chromotherapy.

What is Chromotherapy? Chromotherapy, also called color therapy, is a natural technique widely used in alternative medicine. Its purpose is to relief the body of many diseases by using colors - each color having a different electromagnetic wavelenth and energy, to which our body reacts accordingly.

Colors can influence people’s emotions, making possible the creation of a state of mind which restores various imbalances to reach a healthy state. This app let's you choose a preconfigured color palette, or set your own colors so you can configure depending on your mood. It also helps reducing weariness and heaviness.

Chromotherapy practitioners advise to make sessions every day. They claim regular practitioners will feel some positive effects after a few weeks.

As positive effects, you can achieve relaxing feeling, stress reduction and keep the energy balance. Every color has a specific effect for each part of the human body and state of consciousness.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes chromotherapy as an alternative therapy, without risk or contraindications.

- Unique ease of use: Just tap on the screen. The rest is self-explanatory.
- It can be used like multicolor flashlight, torch and lamp
- Several color modes with carefully crafted transitions:
* Warm Colors
* Cold Colors
* Neon Colors
* Random Colors
* Fixed Color from the palette
- Possibility to fix the color shown on screen at any time
- Customize the transition times between colors to create your ideal combination
- Shut down Timer: You can enjoy and relax before sleep without risk that it remains on all night long
- Enjoy it as an original multicolor ambient light in every corner of your house
- Use it in the bath, at night and even while partying! Perfect for the disco.
- Great for colorful night selfies.

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Night Ambient Lights
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