Newsbriefs: News in English

Newsbriefs: News in English

Keep up with Local European and World news of the day in English

Newsbriefs: News in English
Newsbriefs: News in English Newsbriefs: News in English Newsbriefs: News in English Newsbriefs: News in English

Newsbriefs is a news aggregator app that curates top news stories from Germany, Spain, France and the rest of the world in English. We present news as easily navigable news cards of 70 words or less. Whether you are riding a bus or having a sandwich, just open NewsBriefs and update yourself with everything important before you are done.
We only collect information from credible news sources. For world news stories, we use sources like BBC news, New York Times, Al Jazeera, Reuters, etc. and European news from sources like El Pais, El Mundo, Le Figaro, Le Monde, Zeit, Vox, etc. All our news cards include links to the original news articles so you can read more if you are interested.
If Merkel announces a new economic policy or Boris Johnson has some Brexit news, we make sure that such political news is digested and presented as simple news cards. We also bring real time sports news, including Premiere League news, La Liga news, and Australian Open news among other tournaments. Our team also rigorously searches the web for latest tech news and business news to keep you updated. A dedicated team at the same time is looking for entertainment news so you can also keep up with the Kardashian’s without having to look for it.
NewsBriefs is a completely customizable news app where you can choose between the reading mode, topics of interest, and the regions you want to know about. Some of the features to be noted include:
Category selection
Personalize your feed by choosing the category that interests you the most.
Region selection
You can choose countries where to read the news from. We currently offer news from Germany, Spain and France in addition to top world stories.
Link to source news articles
We provide links to all news articles so you can go to the source to read more about the topic
Dark mode
Switch between light and dark mode depending on your mood and time of the day.
Share news cards with your near and dear ones and help them stay informed
In addition, we provide exclusive features to our subscribers. This includes:
Subscribers can save news cards that they want to read later by bookmarking them.
Ad free experience
All our subscribers get ad free experience
Many new features for subscribers are in the pipeline. Stay tuned!
Contact us
If you have any questions or comments, please drop us a line at and we will get back to you immediately.
Download Newsbriefs now. We look forward to serving you!

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