News for Barcelona Arabic

News for Barcelona Arabic

The best Barça FC news app - for the true Barça fans!

News for Barcelona Arabic
News for Barcelona Arabic News for Barcelona Arabic News for Barcelona Arabic News for Barcelona Arabic News for Barcelona Arabic

**All the news & videos about Barça FC in a single totally free app!***

Barcelona News cover all main football sources blogs and Youtube channels to bring you a clean & effective summary to follow club Barcelona you love !
The app can also be customized to provide personal feeds on the leading Barcelona players including Lionel Messi Luis Suárez Neymar and others.

Features include

* A news summary covering stories from all sources ! For each story - see all sources that covered it with a simple tap !
We cover Barcelona general news Barça transfers news and FC Barcelona rumors.

* Push notifications for important news!

* Scoreboard for Barcelona FC live results and matches.

* Videos from Youtube channels - all about FB Barça.

* In app commenting system! Comment on any story easily from inside the app!

* Tag the articles with what you feel about the story. Most voted tags will appear next to the headlines.

* Customized news feed - if you want to follow specific players (e.g. Lionel Messi/ Neymar Jr) or specific topics like 'Transfer rumors' - no problem. Just select the topics you want in the topics menu. Or - you can simply filter out (block) topics that don't interest you!

You can get a personal news feed on any of the following Lionel Messi Luis Suárez Neymar Andrés Iniesta Xavi Gerard Piqué Dani Alves Javier Mascherano Jérémy Mathieu and Jordi Alba.
For other football clubs - please download our other football clubs teams or our general football app!

* You can now block any source you don't like! Simply long-tap the article and block it!

* A built in-app 'Read it Late'r feature - for saving any Barca news item you wish to read later!

* An awesome widget - all about Barcelona FC!

* Collapsed mode. An efficient reading mode that will let you skim fast through the news on the expense of visuals.

Enjoying the app? Not satisfied? Whatever it is - we’re waiting to hear from you. Please write us what’s on your mind to

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About this version (3.91)

We offer you a very special update: Community improvements - • Q&A - We added a new feature of the Q&A • Thumbnails in posts - now you can paste the image link and it will appear visible in your post • Follow users - You can now follow users and receive notifications when they post something new • Comments - Improvements to the user interface + you can now click on the links in the comments If you like this update, please rate us in the store :) Thank you! Sportfusion Team

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News for Barcelona Arabic
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