NetPal - Global Business Network (eBizPal)

NetPal - Global Business Network (eBizPal)

Search the Business Needs posted by buyers

NetPal - Global Business Network (eBizPal)
NetPal - Global Business Network (eBizPal) NetPal - Global Business Network (eBizPal) NetPal - Global Business Network (eBizPal) NetPal - Global Business Network (eBizPal)

“One person’s need is a business opportunity for others.”

NetPal is a global Business Opportunity Exchange where the business professionals from various parts of the world post and share their business needs leads and requirements regularly.


NetPal members form a large business network of referrals who search for the business requirements posted by others and also post their own purchase requirements using this App. They collaborate regularly to refer share or win many business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-customer (B2C) leads and grow together.

Join the global business network of manufacturers entrepreneurs consultants suppliers partners traders franchisees contractors vendors or any kind of business professionals (mostly from small and medium enterprises) who are active in day-to-day business networking.

Members can showcase their Business Profile to the entire world by highlighting the key details about their business.

Any new requirements to buy products or services are automatically notified to the members who find them relevant to pitch and win as business deals.

Members can collaborate with each other using the in-app messaging (chat). Buyers have an option to hide their identity on their public profile or the posts and disclose it to the Sellers only when necessary. And thus they can choose the best among the best.


Business Organizations (Associations) are welcome to form their private business network under NetPal.

Each network is a collection of groups formed according to members’ locations responsibilities activities goals verticals etc.

The primary owner (contact person) of the network gets full rights to manage the network and its groups. The “broadcast” feature makes it easy for group and network administrators to communicate with any or all groups under the network.

Organization’s members can join the respective groups under their business network only via invitation. Group members can view the Business Opportunities posted by their fellow members collaborate and exchange business opportunities among themselves.

NetPal facilitates business professionals to help each other and grow together.


Download NetPal App now and Join the Global Business Network and Opportunity Exchange!

About this version (2.0.3)

eBizPal has been renamed as NetPal. Business Profile: Users must provide Business Email in the Profile and verify it using verification code. Users can generate and share their profile image. Events: India based Business Networks can organize paid events, sell event tickets, and manage attendance using sold tickets. Others can organize events using free tickets. Others: Improved User Interface and User Experience. Few bug fixes.

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NetPal - Global Business Network (eBizPal)
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