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Reading Nepali news just got a whole lot smarter!

Naya News
Naya News Naya News Naya News Naya News Naya News Naya News Naya News Naya News

!! UPDATED FEATURE !! You can now add your own interesting stories!

Same news from different news sources are now merged. Which means your feed will not have repeated news. This mechanism also indirectly recommends original news pieces.

Naya News
There are tons of news outlets in Nepal posting news every few minutes making it difficult to keep up with the news that matter. We created Naya News so that it does all the hard work for you. It automatically searches classifies and lists Nepali news from multiple reliable outlets. So stay smart and use Naya News! Keep yourself updated with the current affairs with ease.

More info
This app borrows ’s computing power to fetch and classify news from major reliable Nepali news sources. hosts a smart machine that can think and act on its own! It can read and understand text. For this particular scenario we taught it to fetch and categorize news. Sure it does make mistakes once in a while but it keeps learning and will make fewer mistakes over time.

Missing news sources
We have tried including major news sources but we may have missed the one you like. If you have recommendations for good reliable news sources send it our way at info [at] Please do remember that the news sources that repeatedly post fake news for views will be banned!

Interesting features
+ Read popular news from multiple sources
+ Fetch latest news easily
+ Remove repeated news
+ Auto-categorization of news
+ Favorite a news for later reference
+ Search news
+ Like comment and more ...

Get in touch
You can contact us through our email address at info [at] Or visit our profile at http// and add us as a friend. You can send us your questions and suggestions as a private message at Naya.

About this version (0.1.70)

- Reader view bug fix - One click login using your existing Facebook account - Better video streaming for the Live section - Minor bug fixes, fixed universal links

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Naya News
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