Navdy (alelec)

Navdy (alelec)

Port of the original Navdy app

Navdy (alelec)
Navdy (alelec) Navdy (alelec) Navdy (alelec)

This port of the original Navdy app works with existing Navdy HUD displays, fixing the maps that failed in the no-longer-supported original Navdy App.

This app also updates all the underlying maps and google libraries for improved phone support going forward.

If you've got the original navdy app or my previous apk repacked version already installed on your phone, you'll need to uninstall them first before installing this - they're incompatible with each other and installation of this will fail.

Note: the early July 2019 releases were rebuilt from scratch on a newer internal release from navdy (see release notes). This unfortunately re-introduced a number of compatibility issues which I'm working on resolving.

If you want to discuss these issues please see the below links for gitlab (can use issue tracker) or reddit, I can't respond to queries in user reviews!

For support, see my wiki:
and the navdy subreddit:

Open Source codebase and previous releases:

About this version (3.8-0-gcf211f2)

Rebuilt OTA system for app updates. Fix notifications for Oreo. Fix tracking of last music app, should resolve music re-starting. Update spotify music track monitoring. Add Tidal to the list of recognised music apps Replace LostLocation in LocationTransmitter with google Fused Location. Lost service was not working correctly and we already have play services integrated.

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Navdy (alelec)
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