Native Land

Native Land

Native Land helps people around the world learn more about Indigenous land.

Native Land
Native Land Native Land Native Land Native Land

Welcome to the Native Land app by Native Land Digital!

We strive to map Indigenous lands in a way that changes, challenges, and improves the way people see the history of their countries and peoples. We hope to strengthen the spiritual bonds that people have with the land, its people, and its meaning.

We strive to map Indigenous territories, treaties, and languages across the world in a way that goes beyond colonial ways of thinking in order to better represent how Indigenous people want to see themselves.

We provide educational resources to correct the way that people speak about colonialism and indigeneity, and to encourage territory awareness in everyday speech and action.

This project is a work in progress, and it's not meant to be a legal or academic resource. To learn about definitive boundaries, contact the nations in question.

Please send us fixes if you find errors.

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Native Land
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