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Naps & Nibbles
Naps & Nibbles Naps & Nibbles Naps & Nibbles Naps & Nibbles Naps & Nibbles Naps & Nibbles Naps & Nibbles

Naps & Nibbles is India's first & only parenting & child wellness parenting app that offers video based programs trackers and consultants all at one place. All the content available on the platform has been carefully designed by India's leading doctors & specialists.

Parenting is a complex world to navigate and a parent's mind is full of doubts & concerns. Due to lack of medically accurate information available online parents are forced to implement scientifically inaccurate and medically incorrect information.
Naps & Nibbles is the only parenting app which brings information directly from top doctors & experts to your fingertips. Our comprehensive video programs are one a kind programs which help parents raise happy & healthy kids.

Our programs cover the following topics
- Best sleep practices for newborns & infants
- Solution for sleep related problems
- Learning to breastfeed
- Breastfeeding for working mothers
- Problems associated with breastfeeding
- Understanding & managing Allergies
- Foods to avoid under the age of 1 year

We also provide a comprehensive Vaccination Tracker with all the information you need to understand the different vaccines for your baby. The tracker has been carefully designed by the leading paediatricians as per the latest guidelines of Indian Academy of Paediatrics.

Do I really need this app?

0-5 yrs is the most crucial time period in a child's life. However it's also a time period when parents are the most confused and often make a lot of mistakes. The single biggest reason for these mistakes lack of access to reliable information online. As a results parents are forced to either implement advise from friends & family or implement advise available online from unreliable sources.
Furthermore most of the Q&A platforms are unregulated with majority of the questions answered by other parents. This sets a very dangerous precedent as parents are not medical practitioners hence their advise may not be correct.

We solve all these challenges faced by parents by offering information directly from top doctors & specialists. At Naps & Nibbles parents always have access to the latest scientifically correct and medically accurate information. Parents can find all the resources they need to address their concerns doubts questions regarding their child's health & well being.

Naps & Nibbles is your true companion to help you navigate the complex world of parenting.

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-Now, read blog posts written by experts on a range of topics. -Have a better user experience and enjoy a sturdier app.

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