Name day calendar

Name day calendar

Simple name day calendar with reminder and customizable widget.

Name day calendar
Name day calendar Name day calendar Name day calendar Name day calendar

Many countries in the world has the tradition of celebrating Name Days. We want to help keep this beautiful tradition alive!

Our app will help you to find out today's Name Days or see how many days are left to your friend’s name.

Key features:
- Our app contains Name Days of the following countries:
Austria, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and USA.
- Set up a fully customizable widget to see today's Name Days
- Monthly listing of Name Days
- Search celebration days by name
- Can't you find a name? Don’t worry and add a custom Name Day!
- You don't need to remember the Name Days any more. Be reminded with Name Day notifications so you don't miss Name Days any more.

Future improvements:
- Do not hesitate to send us feedback about possible new functionalities which would you like to see in our app!

Feel free to contact us if you would like help translating into other languages ​​:)

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* Our application may cause an alarm icon in the status bar. This is caused by the system API we use to keep notifications accurate and the widget up to date!

What is a Name Day?
This unique tradition began as part of the early Christian Church calendar to commemorate the saints and angels. The practice then moved to celebrating the people who were named after a saint. Eventually, other names were added to the calendar to celebrate all people’s names.

Name Day is a large part of the culture in these countries! All the calendars, diaries, and notebooks have the Names printed with the corresponding date. Radio Stations at the beginning of the morning news, broadcast whose name is being celebrated that day. It’s like a birthday, but in some ways even better.

On your Name Day you receive flowers, students and adults alike bring sweets or chocolates to recognize and celebrate. Your family has a cake waiting for you as well as for visitors that may surprise you with a visit.

About this version (2.6.9)

- Fix crash for some users - More Czech and Hungarian names - Design and UX improvements - Small bug, performance and stability fixes - If you like our app, don't forget to leave a rating and share it with your friends and family :)

Other versions

2.6.5 released on 13 April 2022 (45 days ago)
2.6.4 released on 06 April 2022 (52 days ago)
2.5.5 released on 11 January 2022 (137 days ago)
2.5.4 released on 02 December 2021 (177 days ago)
2.4.11 released on 29 August 2021 (272 days ago)
2.4.9 released on 09 August 2021 (292 days ago)
2.4.8 released on 03 August 2021 (298 days ago)
2.4.7 released on 21 April 2021 (402 days ago)
2.4.5 released on 22 March 2021 (432 days ago)
2.4.3 released on 16 March 2021 (438 days ago)
2.4.1 released on 30 January 2021 (483 days ago)
2.3.9 released on 09 December 2020 (535 days ago)
2.3.3 released on 12 October 2020 (593 days ago)
2.2.6 released on 17 September 2020 (618 days ago)
2.2.4 released on 10 September 2020 (625 days ago)
2.2.2 released on 02 September 2020 (633 days ago)
2.2.1 released on 29 August 2020 (637 days ago)
2.1.2 released on 31 July 2020 (666 days ago)
2.1.1 released on 01 July 2020 (696 days ago)

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Name day calendar
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