myOne50: On the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma, take a 150K challenge!

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A tool and a platform for challenging people to change from within.
What’s your gift to the Mahatma for his 150th?
Caution This App induces a strong inner drive to prioritize personal fitness & to harness that for
positive social change.
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With myOne50 you can create or take on a challenge of physical activity the success of which directly creates a positive social impact.
Each challenge sets a goal of finishing 150KM through any of the dozens of possible physical activity within a defined period of time. Each challenge has a social cause attached and the challenge participants success translates into support for a social cause either through a donation from the participant or through a sponsoring donor.
The rich features of the App draw a serious commitment from the participants towards taking on and finishing a challenge. This is fundamentally a GANDHIAN philosophy – not letting down even in the face of a fierce challenge; overcoming the obstacles with tenacity and perseverance. Doing good for the benefit of world at large yet achieving that through an intrinsically a personal battle against inner limitations.
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For the individuals this is Gandhi at his best – simple yet life changing transformation of the mind and body.
For the organizations it’s a tribute to Gandhi that comes back with 4-fold advantages of engagement health & wellness team-building and community service.
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The App itself is a technological marvel. Ranging from the options to interface with multiple IOT sensors to the mind-blowing features of activity recording and leader-boards the App has it all. A world-class technology tribute to a man who led from the front.
Try an myOne50 Challenge today!

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