MyItems Expense, Receipt Tracker & Scanner App

MyItems Expense, Receipt Tracker & Scanner App

A smart bill organizer & warranty tracker. Scan receipts, bills & track expenses

MyItems Expense, Receipt Tracker & Scanner App
MyItems Expense, Receipt Tracker & Scanner App MyItems Expense, Receipt Tracker & Scanner App MyItems Expense, Receipt Tracker & Scanner App MyItems Expense, Receipt Tracker & Scanner App MyItems Expense, Receipt Tracker & Scanner App MyItems Expense, Receipt Tracker & Scanner App

Do you have valuable assets such as a house cabin or a car and would you like to keep a record of everything about these assets in an organized manner?

Introducing MyItems the most comprehensive bill organizer and tracker for scanning recording and analysing all of your purchases. With our expense tracker you can not only record all important purchases and upgrades but can also stay on top of your finances using our income statement receipt app.

Use our app to do the following
Keep track of your valuable items and assets using our expense manager
Keep all documents in one system using our bill organizer
Scan receipts to track maintenance of your assets using our expense tracker
Track all costs associated with your assets using our receipt scanner
Store all of your data on the cloud with our receipt app and tracker
Keep track of your warranties using our bill tracker

Track your assets Our receipt app has been specially designed with an easy to use self explanatory interface. You can log all of your valuable items in the expense manager system and register every associated cost in the receipt tracker. You also get access to updated income statements for every asset thus making this an efficient bill organizer for all your personal belongings.

Store all documents You can easily store your receipts invoices contracts deeds proof of ownership and other legal documents using our expense manager. This receipt tracker allows you to not only keep a track of the status of every asset of yours but if you ever sell your asset all important information about that asset will be readily available in one place on this receipt app. A repository of all receipts is also essential for tax purposes and we assure you that our expense manager system is exactly the kind of tool you need for such purposes.

Record all associated costs In this receipt app you can create projects and keep a track of the cost of upgrades the cost and date of maintenance and every other small or big spend made towards particular assets. If you have some income from say your rented house or car you can log that too! The income will allow you to get a better and clearer picture of the actual profit or loss earned from your belongings over time and you no longer need to hoard every paper bill since you can scan receipts.

Never lose your data With the help of our cloud storage you will never lose any of your data with the help of our bill organizer. You can also receive data from other accounts via a simple transfer and can share the data with your spouse fellow owners and accountants using our bill organizer. If you sell an asset you can even transfer the data to the new owner with a single click on this easy to use expense tracker

Be reminded of your warranties For all your purchases that come with a warranty simply log the warranty date and 10 days before its expiration we will remind you via email and phone notifications so that you do not forget.

This is how it works

For every purchase scan receipts or invoice the amount purchase date along with all the relevant details and your work on this receipt tracker is done. MyItems will use all this information to generate a cost and income report and every time you update something the reports will automatically update on our expense tracker.

So if you want to make your life easier and reduce all of your paperwork by a substantial amount using an expense manager download MyItems today. Get complete control of your assets get instant reports and never worry again!


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MyItems Expense, Receipt Tracker & Scanner App
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