Turn your Android device into your personal coach with Elite’s myETraining App

myETraining myETraining myETraining myETraining

Turn your Android device into your personal coach with Elite’s myETraining (my E-Training) App, a great, new and exciting way to manage all your Elite hometrainers and training session from your favourite device! myETraining (my E-Training) is FREE in Level Mode only. If you want to use it endlessly, you have to pay 19.99€ for the annual subscription. 

Many important features of myETraining (my E-Training):

- Training with RealVideos and myRealVideos. You can purchase and download Elite RealVideos or ride for free the many myRealVideos created by the users. The video playing speed is synchronized to the speed you are pedaling on your bike, offering a real-road riding experience.
- Bluetooth Smart sensors compatibility (depending on the Android device).
- Elite Misuro Blu and Misuro + compatibility. These Elite sensors are applied directly to the trainer simplifying the setup and removal procedures.
- Cloud Data. Now your data is in the cloud, and synchronized between your devices.
- New and easy procedure to create new training programs.
- Video or music play-list.
- Pedal stroke analysis (for Drivo and Kura trainers only).

You’ll manage power, cadence, heart rate, speed, time and distance data directly from your smartphone or tablet.
myETraining (my E-Training) is compatible with ELITE hometrainers and rollers: RealTurboMuin.Turbo Muin, Digital, Hydromag, Fluid and Magnetic technology trainers, Free ride rollers.

The annual subscription of myETraining (my E-Training)is not renewed automatically. At the end of the year you can choose to renew or to stay in FREE mode.

The features of myETraining (my E-Training) are available to both subscribed and unsubscribed users to slightly different extents. Unsubscribed users can use the Level Mode freely (FREE mode). To benefit fully from the all training and strengthening programs offered by the algorithms, an annual subscription must be purchased.


Base Training: choose your own training mode - constant power*, training levels, pre-set programs.
Training test: create monthly indoor training programs based on your test results.
Maps races: create races from all over the world with Maps.

Save, share and export all training data to evaluate your performance level and improvements

Check on if or what hardware is necessary to use the myETraining (my E-Training).

* only on electronic rollers and hometrainers

myETraining (my E-Training) has been tested on the following devices:
- HTC One
- LG Nexus 5
- Samsung Galaxy Nexus
- Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S4 Active
- Samsung Galaxy S3
- Samsung Galaxy S5
- Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
- Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

About this version (2.11.7)

- Fix cyclist weight configuration at training startup - Bug fixes and stability improvements

Other versions

2.11.6 released on 10 May 2021 (84 days ago)
2.11.4 released on 22 April 2021 (102 days ago)
2.11.3 released on 25 February 2021 (158 days ago)
2.11.2 released on 15 December 2020 (230 days ago)
2.11.1 released on 30 November 2020 (245 days ago)
2.10.1 released on 12 November 2020 (263 days ago)
2.10.0 released on 09 November 2020 (266 days ago)
2.9.2 released on 26 October 2020 (280 days ago)
2.9.1 released on 30 September 2020 (306 days ago)
2.8.6 released on 29 July 2020 (369 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 94 MB
Version: 2.11.7 by Elite srl
Updated: 18 May 2021 (76 days ago)
Released: 27 August 2014
Installations: more than 100 000
5 Stars: 1227
4 Stars: 544
3 Stars: 296
2 Stars: 128
1 Star: 405

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