Student Planner - My Study Focus

Student Planner - My Study Focus


Student Planner - My Study Focus
Student Planner - My Study Focus Student Planner - My Study Focus Student Planner - My Study Focus Student Planner - My Study Focus Student Planner - My Study Focus Student Planner - My Study Focus Student Planner - My Study Focus Student Planner - My Study Focus

Tired of the student life? Are you under pressure? Frequently asking how to improve your grades? Just try My Study Focus. One of the best student organizer and student planner apps to improve study, concentration and grades. You take control over your studies! With class, semester organizer and grade calculator you will always be a step ahead and organize yourself in a better way. Don’t lose focus, use My Study focus and take your student career to another level.

Gone are the days when you have to use a paper-planner to organize your career as a student. You can now manage your time and daily student activities with our unique notification system. Everything is organized in a sleek way that is intuitive and simple. You’ll love using My Study Focus.

Manage your classes/subjects/courses in an easy and convenient way. Our smart and sleek database will allow you to categorize your courses according to your current year and semester/term in school. Create study strategies and improve study with the classes manager and organizer.

Manage all your files(such as pdfs, mp3, documents) according to your course/subjects. With the help of our file manager, you can sort your course materials based on your course/subject

Manage your classes and never get to a class late. This is one of the starting activities to improving grades and increasing focus. This is achievable with our inbuilt notification system, which reminds you 10 minutes before a class and when it is time for the class. Easily assign tasks to your courses [such as submitting an assignment at a certain day and time, reading your book at a particular hour], and our notification system will not forget to notify you when the class is due.
Additionally, as one of the best student planner apps, the app has Calendar View which allows you to view your tasks at a glance for today, for the week or for the month. Plan better and smarter with My Study Focus.

Our one of a kind Grades calculator would do all the hard arithmetic for you in finding out your results. On top of that, My Study Focus makes managing your grades much easier. You can calculate your grade point and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) with ease, you can also estimate your grade point for a particular semester/term. Just enter your output and our calculator will do the rest. Constantly be focused to improve your grades.

β˜† Well-designed Dashboard to view your events for the day.
β˜† Random display of motivational quotes to motivate you for the day ahead.
β˜† A notepad to write notes while in class or when you are reading.
β˜† Clean and simple user interface with an intuitive user experience.
β˜† Export, backup and manage your data


See why we have been rated as one of the best student planner apps.
There are numerous ways of how My Study Focus can increase mind concentration and focus on studies.
If you want to improve or be a successful student, My Study Focus is here to guide you and help you achieve your student goals!


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About this version (2.1.3)

**Fixed The Issue Of Signing In **Squashed Some Bugs **Improved Performance **You can now attach files(such as mp3, pdfs, videos, etc) to your courses/subjects **Read study tips directly from myStudyFocus **Cheers!!! Thank you for using myStudyFocus :) **.

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Student Planner - My Study Focus
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