My Shiba Inu 2 - Virtual Pet

My Shiba Inu 2 - Virtual Pet

Meet the beautiful virtual pet Shibo adopt him and play minigames!

My Shiba Inu 2 - Virtual Pet
My Shiba Inu 2 - Virtual Pet My Shiba Inu 2 - Virtual Pet My Shiba Inu 2 - Virtual Pet My Shiba Inu 2 - Virtual Pet My Shiba Inu 2 - Virtual Pet My Shiba Inu 2 - Virtual Pet My Shiba Inu 2 - Virtual Pet My Shiba Inu 2 - Virtual Pet My Shiba Inu 2 - Virtual Pet My Shiba Inu 2 - Virtual Pet

Meet Shibo now, your new virtual pet! He is a funny and loving dog waiting for your cares.

He needs you to adopt him and look after him. Feed him, play with him, tickle him…! Customize your little Shibo and make him a unique and lovely dog. Will you keep him healthy and happy? Moreover, there are 10 free funny minigames and a collectible sticker album!

++ HOW TO PLAY “My Dog Shibo 2 – virtual Pet with Minigames"++

There are many games about cats and pets, but this is different. The objective is to look after Shibo as if he was a real one. You have to feed him, keep him happy, relaxed and clean.

- Adopt our favourite shiba inu and start to play with him!
- Dress him as you prefer, choose his clothes, his complements. You choose! There are more than 100 items to choose.
- Design his home. Choose the furniture, decorate his bedroom, customize the kitchen, and choose the colors of your living room, the pattern on the floor… Use your creativity!
- Get stickers and complete all the pages in the album to get incredible prizes.
- Feed him. You’ve got a lot of food to choose from but… just a clue: he loves burgers.
- Play with him, tickle him and listen to his meows. Remember he needs cuddles to be happy!
- Wash your little dog and keep him clean and tidy to avoid illnesses.
- Send him to sleep to recover all the energy to play.

Show that you can be a good owner of Shibo!


This game includes several free and funny Minigames that will allow you to get coins to buy food, clothes and furniture (you can play them also in Flight Mode):

DOG-RUNNER. Run and jump in this frenetic minigame.
DOG-BUBBLES. Explode the bubbles in this super classic minigame.
DOG-BASKET. How many baskets will you score in this sports minigame?
DOG-CAR. Press the accelerator and overtake cars and obstacles.
DOG-SHELL GAME. Don’t lose sight of the bell and find it.
DOG-CROSSY ROAD. Go the farthest you can! But look well before crossing!
DOG-PIANO TILES. Follow the rhythm of our shiba inu. Press the piano tiles and make a beautiful song sound in this musical minigame.
DOG-JUMP TREE. Jump the highest you can jumping from branch to branch.
DOG-TRAIN. You are the engine driver, be careful and don’t crash with other trains!
DOG-STACK. Get the highest score without being crushed!
DOG-DRUMS. Follow the rhythm of Shibo and get a high score!
DOG-BLOCKS. Join blocks and get the highest score!


Like you, we love pets. Shibo is our favourite one but we are also crazy about dogs, cats and other hairy pets looking for their place in the world.

For that reason we want you to get involved in this project and collaborate together with a NGO protection institution of animals that welcomes, helps and cures abandoned, injured and orphan animals. They also help them have a good life and a better future.

How can you help us with this pet rescue? It’s very simple:

Subscribe to Shibo. We will donate 20% of the income generated by all the subscriptions to help them!

The first week in every month we will inform you about the details of the protection NGO from the game, and how the animals are healthy again and happy thanks to you.

Moreover, with your subscription you will get free stickers every day and coin multipliers in the minigames!

Do you need more help? Want more advice? Visit us in:

You can also find us on Facebook

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My Shiba Inu 2 - Virtual Pet
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