My Coins (Numismatics)

My Coins (Numismatics)

Application for collecting Coins of USA England Canada and other countries

My Coins (Numismatics)
My Coins (Numismatics) My Coins (Numismatics) My Coins (Numismatics) My Coins (Numismatics) My Coins (Numismatics) My Coins (Numismatics) My Coins (Numismatics)

The application contains a complete list of Commemorative and Circulation coins of the USA, Europe, Canada and other countries.
It also allows you to keep track of your collection of coins and exchange coins with other numismatists.

Features of the program:
- Each coin has a description.
- When you click on the image of the coin, its enlarged image opens (Obverse and Reverse)
- You can find the desired coin using Search (by the name of the coin, series, inscriptions on the coin).
- It is possible to indicate how many coins you have in your collection.
- Mark and share the list of coins for exchange with other users
- Exchange messages between users
- Indicate the state (safety) of the coins and the mint, if the coins were minted at different yards.
- Coins can be grouped by series and year of issue.
- It is possible to back up your collection to a memory card and to Google Drive.
- You can create your own coin catalog.

The following directories are available in the application:

- Coins of England
- Coins of Belarus
- Coins of Bulgaria
- Coins of Germany
- Coins of Georgia
- Euro coins, incl. commemorative coins Euro (2 €)
- Coins of Kazakhstan
- Coins of Canada
- Coins of Cape Verde
- Coins of China
- Coins of Moldova
- Coins of Mongolia
- Coins Latvia
- Coins of Lithuania
- Coins of Peru
- Coins of Poland
- Coins of the USA
- Coins of Somaliland
- Coins of Turkey
- Coins of France
- other

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My Coins (Numismatics)
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