müüv: home audio workouts

müüv: home audio workouts

Smart Audio Personal Training

müüv: home audio workouts
müüv: home audio workouts müüv: home audio workouts müüv: home audio workouts müüv: home audio workouts müüv: home audio workouts müüv: home audio workouts müüv: home audio workouts müüv: home audio workouts

müüv helps you move 500 minutes per month with a smart audio coaching experience.

With müüv you have access to the most advanced personalized audio coaching workouts with all the accountability and motivation you need for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. müüv is:

SMART - We do the thinking. You do the moving. The müüv smart engine will personalize each workout routine to your goals, preferences, and prior performance to deliver results
FLEXIBLE - Support for hundreds of healthy activities including outdoor walking, indoor cycling, yoga, HIIT (high intensity interval training), strength, and more to make moving fun
FITS INTO YOUR LIFE - Integrated music and podcasts from your favorite media providers like iHeartRadio make it easy to burn calories while doing the things you love
UNLEASHES THE CREATOR IN YOU - Customize your experience from what music or podcast you want to hear to what coaching cues you want to hear for a truly unique workout experience
FUN - Real-time motivation from your coaches (who are real personal trainers) and friends to make moving more fun
CONNECTED - With müüv smart equipment, hundreds of officially supported pieces of equipment by Stamina, and integration with thousands of other pieces of exercise equipment, müüv coaching incorporates all your existing equipment into one seamless workout experience

With müüv it’s not just about exercise, it’s about moving.

müüv is not for that “Type-A”-every-ride-is-a-personal-best person, nor is müüv for that person who has somehow, some way found 90 minutes every day to work out. No, müüv is for real people - busy moms, everyday athletes, etc. - struggling to find time for fitness. That’s why müüv’s smart audio coaching is built for and actively encourages members to move while doing the things they love like listening to music or podcasts, chatting with friends, watching their favorite shows on Netflix, checking email, and more.

Here are some of our favorite reasons why our members müüv:
to fit into the new dress,
to make it back up the stairs,
to have guilt free wine time on Friday night

Why müüv works: müüv is based on science and experience - our team of kinesiologists from the University of Texas and our behavioral psychologists from the University of Pennsylvania have over 80 years of experience working with more than 8 million members to help them move that magic number - 500 minutes per month.

But that’s enough about us - here’s a few things our members have to say:

“With so many fun activities to move to like biking, hiking, and even gardening, I move more now than ever and have never felt better.” - Shelia, Mahopac, NY
“I love how it integrates with my bike, my step deck, and my rower - I can now use one app versus dozens.” - Will, Seattle, WA
“I’ve got the beat - I love creating a new workout with a new playlist every day - didn’t realize how much I love moving to the Go-Go’s.” Katie, Austin, TX

müüv tracks calories burned and integrates with Apple Health.

müüv is completely free with no surprise or hidden charges.


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INTRODUCING 100,000+ PODCASTS INTEGRATED IN THE APP müüv and iHeartRadio bring you 100,000+ of PODCASTS series. Select your favorite topics for personalized recommendations and Favorite episodes for easy access. Never miss a second of your episode with integrated podcasts FREESTYLE STRENGTH Select “Freestyle” as your Strength program to move at your own pace and use all of the features müüv has to offer BUMPS Request bumps at the beginning OR after you’ve started your workout in the Smart Menu

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müüv: home audio workouts
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