MusiX Player PRO (Trial)

MusiX Player PRO (Trial)

The best music player designed for large phones

MusiX Player PRO (Trial)
MusiX Player PRO (Trial) MusiX Player PRO (Trial) MusiX Player PRO (Trial) MusiX Player PRO (Trial) MusiX Player PRO (Trial) MusiX Player PRO (Trial) MusiX Player PRO (Trial) MusiX Player PRO (Trial)

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Best music player with a unique design for large smartphones.

Screens of devices are growing every year, unlike our hands :)
It's time to think about the usability of this stuff!
The main player controls are within access of the thumb.
No need to reach for the distant areas of the screen.
No risk to stretch the fingers / drop the phone ;)

Music Player Features:
โ–  One handed use concept
โ–  Sidebar for control and navigation
โ–  Skins
โ–  3D effects for swipes (cube, inside, flat)
โ–  3 visualizers
โ–  Floating Widget
โ–  Lock Screen (with visualizer and animation)
โ–  Tag Editor
โ–  Tabs for opened playlists
โ–  Intuitive tracks control (drag&drop in queue, select, add, delete, send)
โ–  Pull-to-Sort and powerful sorting of all lists
โ–  Folders + Artists, Albums, Genres music library categories
โ–  Crossfade & Fade
โ–  Equalizer with presets and preamp
โ–  Unique widgets with seekbar: Notification & Homescreen +appearance tuning
โ–  Sleep Timer (stop and start)
โ–  Choose encoding for non-Unicode tags (gibberish correction)
โ–  Control playback with wired headset and Bluetooth AVRCP
โ–  Supports ALL audio formats supported by the phone: mp3, flac, aac, m4a, mp4, ogg, wma, wav (depending on the Android version)

<- 14-days trial version->
โœ’ Translate MusiX Player to NEW language and get PRO version for free!
Music Player translator requests:

Music Player PRO version exclusive features:
โ–  Visualizer with fine-tuning of appearance
โ–  Lock Screen (with visualizer and animation)
โ–  Floating Widget
โ–  No Ads

MusiX Player is actively developing. We really appreciate your feedback!
In case of problems:
1. Keep Calm ;)
2. Let us know through the app (Settings - Support button) or by email/forum.
Please do not use Google Play reviews for this purpose, because it complicates communication and bug fixing.

About this version (1.6.5)

1.6.5 - 1.6.2 โœ” Removed playback blocking at the end of trial โœ” Bug & crash fixes 1.6.1 โœ” Floating widget crash with default skin โœ” Many other bug & crash fixes 1.6 โš  Major update โœ” Skins support (!) โœ” Tablets support โœ” Android 8 Oreo support โœ” UI optimization for 18:9 screens โœ” mp3 tag editor works for SDcard โœ” Faster folders opening โœ” Performance improvements โœ” New target API level 27 (security improvements) โœ” Bug & crash fixes

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 0 MB
Version: 1.6.5 by Mobineon
Updated: 04 September 2018 (1352 days ago)
Released: 29 March 2015
Installations: more than 1 000 000
MusiX Player PRO (Trial)
5 Stars: 21761
4 Stars: 3895
3 Stars: 1113
2 Stars: 1113
1 Star: 3339

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