Music Player GO

Music Player GO

Very simple, nice, privacy-friendly and original local Android Music Player!

 Music Player GO
 Music Player GO  Music Player GO  Music Player GO  Music Player GO  Music Player GO  Music Player GO  Music Player GO  Music Player GO


• Tabbed UI artists all songs folders and settings
• Settings
• Themes light dark and automatic (following the system settings on Android Q and battery level on pre-Q devices)
◦ 19 awesome accents
✓ Tip long click on the preference for copying
◦ Edge-to-edge (starting from Oreo 8.1)
◦ Active tabs management
◦ Precise volume control toggle
◦ Audio focus and headset plug management toggles
◦ Filters management

• Save/restore last reproduced song/progress

• Bottom controls panel containing
◦ Currently reproduced song
✓ Tip long click on it to quickly jump to the song's album/folder
◦ Play/pause
◦ Queue button
◦ Loved songs button

• Now playing dialog showing the classical media controls seek bar equalizer skip play/pause repeat (1x loop) add to loved songs current volume step fine control
✓ Tip click on played song to quickly jump to song's album/folder

• Artist's details showing its albums/songs. Shuffle all its songs or the selected album
✓ Tip click on the album's title to quickly jump to the song's album

• Simple queue management
✓ Tip to clear queue long click on queue button

• Loved songs You can now bookmark a song from songs lists and now playing dialog (in this case current position will be saved too!)
✓ Tip to clear the list long click on loved songs button

• Landscape support

• Ability to hide artists/folders
• Search
• Notification's SeekBar support (starting from Android Q)
• Sort options (default ascending descending)
• Shuffle options
• Open audio files from outside the app
• Pause/resume when headsets are plugged in/out
• Simple audio focus management

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About this version (4.2.7)

- Fix AOD (Always On Display) not showing informations (thanks to Drhaal) - Audio focus improvements - Improvements to the saving mechanism of the last reproduced song - Add Romanian translations (thanks to 1t3x) - Add Galego (Galician) translations (thanks to Xose M) - Upgrade libs and dependencies

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 2 MB
Version: 4.2.7 by Ivan D'Ortenzio
Updated: 19 April 2020 (185 days ago)
Installations: more than 5 000
 Music Player GO
5 Stars: 84
4 Stars: 26
3 Stars: 5
2 Stars: 3
1 Star: 10

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