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MusePad Lite

Write your music ideas on the go with MusePad fast and easy editor. Free!

MusePad Lite
MusePad Lite MusePad Lite

MusePad lets you record your musical ideas on the go, with your phone or tablet, enabling you to write simple melodies or complex chords / rhythm patterns. It's perfect for musicians, students and music enthusiasts who want to write their ideas quickly, analyze and communicate them effectively.

MusePad uses a piano roll style grid for displaying notes, and a piano keyboard for input. You enter the notes using the piano and they appear on the note grid. After that, you can delete notes directly on the grid, or add more notes tapping on the grid.

At any time, you can play your song from any starting position. When playing, current note(s) will be lit both on note grid and piano keyboard, following the notes with a smooth scroll movement. You will love to watch the music play!

- Note grid with diatonic / chromatic modes and key signature
- Input notes with the piano keyboard, or placing them directly on the grid
- Polyphonic piano input (in multitouch devices) with 8 octaves, scrollable in small devices
- Unlimited undo / redo for correcting mistakes
- Playback with highlighting of notes in grid and piano
- Full navigation on the note grid, with pan & zoom
- Save and load songs, or export them as MIDI
- Cut / Copy / Paste / Transpose

This is the Lite version of MusePad. After trying it, you may want to purchase the Full version of MusePad, which lets you load and save your songs, and export them as MIDI; and has no ads.

More features will be added in the future. Stay tuned and enjoy MusePad!

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