Multi List To Do | Task List

Multi List To Do | Task List

Multi List allows you to quickly create multiple checklists with an intuitive UI

Multi List To Do | Task List
Multi List To Do | Task List Multi List To Do | Task List Multi List To Do | Task List Multi List To Do | Task List Multi List To Do | Task List

Multi List is an easy to use Checklist application that allows you to create multiple lists such as groceries To do tasks notes etc. Multi List features multiple sorting options batch check and delete operations theme options and many customizations options. Multi List is one of the only To Do list applications that implements gestures. To delete an entry simply swipe the item (left or right). Voice recognition is now included on the latest update. Multiple items can be added at a time by using the keyword "add." Example (Add apples add bananas add milk).

Future Goals
Publish the application as Open Source on Github - May take a couple of months until I graduate.
--I've been busy with school and another exciting application so I would like to open source Multi List. This way others may be able to help add more features or use my code as a guide to create a spin off application. I am not stopping development in doing this.

--Multiple to do lists
--Multiple sorting options
--Batch Voice Recognition (Speech to Text)
--Ability to add note details
--Install to SD Card
--Many settings toggles
--Email lists to anyone!
--ICS Action bar for all devices!
--Holo theme

Disclaimer No widget No Google Tasks Sync.
If you want these features this app is not for you. Please do not give a low rating for a "missing" feature that is not intended to be added. This application is designed to be simple and lightweight and these features are not an immediate priority to add. I am an individual developer in my senior year of college and I do not have the time to add everything to the application (I wish I did!). At the same I am offering this application completely free of charge and advertisements.

Any suggestions will be considered by emailing

Note Permissions are now needed in order to use the backup/restore feature.
Note Internet permissions are now needed for voice recognition. Nothing else!

About this version (2.6)

Multi List is back under active development! Next release will be a huge update using Google's new Material Design guidelines (Don't worry, the app will be remain just as simple to use, if not more simple! More features will be added as well). The app will also be going open source when the update is released! In the meantime, v2.6 has been uploaded to fix the only known issue. v2.6 - Fixed bug where certain batch operations would crash the app if special characters existed.

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 2 MB
Version: 2.6 by Appterial, LLC
Updated: 09 July 2015 (2296 days ago)
Released: 09 April 2012
Installations: more than 100 000
Multi List To Do | Task List
5 Stars: 644
4 Stars: 211
3 Stars: 110
2 Stars: 40
1 Star: 30

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