Multi Layer - Photo Editor

Multi Layer - Photo Editor

Photo Editing App with multiple layers, text, filters, photo frames and stickers

Multi Layer - Photo Editor
Multi Layer - Photo Editor Multi Layer - Photo Editor Multi Layer - Photo Editor Multi Layer - Photo Editor Multi Layer - Photo Editor Multi Layer - Photo Editor Multi Layer - Photo Editor Multi Layer - Photo Editor Multi Layer - Photo Editor Multi Layer - Photo Editor Multi Layer - Photo Editor Multi Layer - Photo Editor Multi Layer - Photo Editor Multi Layer - Photo Editor Multi Layer - Photo Editor Multi Layer - Photo Editor

Love photo editing? Multi Layer is a full featured photo editor able to edit and compose images in multiple layers. It supports selection tool (manual and magic wand tool) to selective editing brightness contrast saturation hue and RGB color levels.
And of course you'll also be able to apply lots of automatic filters to your pictures and decorate them adding text hundreds of picture frames stickers and overlays.
Edited pictures may be shared and saved as PNG files (supports transparency) and also as standalone projects (.multilayerphoto). It integrates a file explorer able to load&save pictures locally or even in your Local Network (WiFi LAN).

This app is able to do any photo editing action edit each layer independently superimpose layers blend modes background eraser with transparency magic wand to select and edit eye color red eye whitening ... create amazing effects such as flip and superimpose a mirror image create collages watermark overlay ...

This is the most unique photo editing app with multiple layers and an absolutely intuitive interface. You don't need to be a photo editing pro to enjoy using this app.


➤ Layers move scale/zoom and rotate with simple finger gestures. Switch lock & visibility. Set transparency crop layers horizontal/vertical flip perspective shadow layers duplicate merge layers combine (flatten)...
➤ Settings brightness contrast saturation hue and levels of red green and blue (RGB). Apply to whole layer or just the selected area.
➤ Filters smooth blur mosaic sharpen invert (negative) binary vignette grayscales sepia vintage filters ... Hundreds of filters available!.
➤ Paint Paint on image layers with a variety of brushes and colors. Fill mode is also provided (with threshold).
➤ Background Eraser Erase background of pictures (convert parts of the image into transparent). Manual paint and automatic fill (with threshold) supported. For endless possibilities photomontages collages ...
➤ Frames Download hundreds of photo frames and customize colors and hue basic frames grunge christimas love patters ...
➤ Stickers Add fun stickers as new layers comic speech bubbles accessories ribbons party holiday love christmas halloween ...
➤ Overlays lighting effects textures color gradients bokeh crystals fire effects...
➤ Text Add text to your pictures -as independent layers- with dozens of cool fonts. Set color/gradient shadow glow contour and alignment.
➤ Shapes lines circles rectangles ellipses stars ... With multiple fill and contour options.

➤ SELECTION masks Select by manual drawing with your finger and/or magic wand tool get reverse selection blur expand or contract. Then the selection will allow you to duplicate layers matching only the selected areas and apply settings (brightness saturation ...) in a layer but only to your selection.

➤ Save final image as PNG/JPG file and Share with friends on social media.
➤ Projects save your projects (complete editions with all layers) into files with “.multilayerphoto” format. This way you can continue editing later send it to other devices ...

+ File explorer + ability to connect to computers or storage devices in Local Network (LAN) to load and save pictures and projects.

+ Free Pic Search integrated to allow you to browse and download free images for your creations backgrounds wallpapers vectors ... Thousands of free photos available (public domain - CC0 licensed).

--- PREMIUM VERSION (One-Time Payment - Not subscription) ---

✔ Remove ads
✔ Work with SELECTION masks
✔ Use Blend Modes for layers
✔ Set CUSTOM RESOLUTION for pictures

★ You can fully test PREMIUM features. A logo will be overprinted on the final picture when premium features are used.

❤ You will love this cool photo editor. Download now!


About this version (2.7.1)

- New stickers. - Fixed bug in new text options in landscape orientation.

Other versions

2.6 released on 06 November 2020 (118 days ago)
2.5 released on 26 December 2019 (434 days ago)

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Size: 7 MB
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Updated: 29 January 2021 (34 days ago)
Released: 30 May 2016
Installations: more than 500 000
Multi Layer - Photo Editor
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