MUBI GO: hand-picked cinema

MUBI GO: hand-picked cinema

A ticket every week for the best film in theaters hand-picked by MUBI

MUBI GO: hand-picked cinema
MUBI GO: hand-picked cinema MUBI GO: hand-picked cinema MUBI GO: hand-picked cinema

Watch the best new films in theaters, hand-picked by MUBI each week.

Plus get access to MUBI's curated streaming service, with a new film added every day.

With MUBI GO, watching great cinema in theaters and at home is simple, convenient and affordable.

• Every week, MUBI GO picks a film recently released in theaters and provides you with a free ticket to see it.
• MUBI GO includes access to a curated selection of films to stream on your TV, computer, tablet, console or phone.

Available in select theaters in New York City. Entry is subject to availability.

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We’ve made things look a bit nicer, and work a bit better.

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2.6.1 released on 15 February 2022 (474 days ago)
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2.5.4 released on 20 December 2021 (531 days ago)
2.5.2 released on 23 November 2021 (558 days ago)
2.5.1 released on 27 October 2021 (585 days ago)
2.5.0 released on 19 October 2021 (593 days ago)

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MUBI GO: hand-picked cinema
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