MP3 Recorder (RecAnything)

MP3 Recorder (RecAnything)

Highest quality in recording. Made in Germany.

 MP3 Recorder (RecAnything)
 MP3 Recorder (RecAnything)  MP3 Recorder (RecAnything)  MP3 Recorder (RecAnything)  MP3 Recorder (RecAnything)  MP3 Recorder (RecAnything)  MP3 Recorder (RecAnything)  MP3 Recorder (RecAnything)  MP3 Recorder (RecAnything)

MP3 Recorder (RecAnything) is one of the best voice recorders for sound recording in high quality. Record meetings personal notes speeches lectures songs voice and music. It is an easy to use recording-app packed with features and reliable your daily companion for high quality audio recording.

The most important features at a glance*
• Record audio in audioformats MP3 WAV AAC and 3GP
• Stay organized arrange your recordings in categories!
• Filter sort and search for sound memos
• Attachments add photos paintings and a note to a recording!
• Editor trim and cut recordings to a specific length
• Skips silent parts automatically (optionally)
• Rewind while recording. Just like a real dictaphone! (use volume-lower key to rewind)
• Pause/resume/save/discard a current recording
• Auto-upload to cloud link your dropbox cloud account to have your sound recordings automatically uploaded to your cloud storage!
• WiFi Transfer simple exchange of your recordings between the recorder app and your computer
• Easy to transcribe play recordings with a specific playback speed between 0.5x and 2x (without distortion!)
• the audiorecorder works in the background even when your display is off
• …

MP3 Recorder (RecAnything) supports a wide range of settings for customization. Find a few of the most useful ones listed below
• Automatically pause sound recording when a call comes in (on/off)
• Automatically stop recording when your battery goes low (on/off). This prevents you from losing a current recording when your phone shuts down unexpected.
• Set the path at which your recordings shall be saved. You don’t need to enter any complex paths. The internal file explorer does that for you.
• Select the source of which audio shall be retreived from (e.g. camera mic)
• Set the samplerate between 8 kHZ and 44.1 kHZ
• Enable filters for echo & noise reduction
• Empower the audio input by a chosen dB value
• Control the skip silence behavior by setting the dB-treshold etc.
• …

*it may not all features be available for all audioformats.

We develop MP3 Recorder (RecAnything) continuesly to provide you the best audiorecorder in Google Play. If you wish a specific feature or just want to contact us leave us a message. We also really appreciate your rating (5⭐️? …😋)! Please note that this voice recorder does not support recording phone calls.


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Size: 4 MB
Version: 1.31 by Carsten Drösser
Updated: 23 August 2019 (352 days ago)
Released: 08 January 2018
Installations: more than 10 000
 MP3 Recorder (RecAnything)
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