Mountain Watch (M-Watch)

Mountain Watch (M-Watch)

Please use the watch for mountain climbing on your device!

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Mountain Watch (M-Watch)
Mountain Watch (M-Watch) Mountain Watch (M-Watch) Mountain Watch (M-Watch) Mountain Watch (M-Watch) Mountain Watch (M-Watch) Mountain Watch (M-Watch) Mountain Watch (M-Watch) Mountain Watch (M-Watch)

โ˜† โ˜… This app provides the functions of the watch, Compass, Barometer / altimeter, speedometer, flash, moon phase and a weather information.

# This application is made โ€‹โ€‹by reference to mountain climbing watch.

# The Main Function

1. Main Screen
- You can see all the information on the main screen.
- The weather and temperature, humidity, wind speed, sunrise / sunset's time information is displayed on top screen.
- Current time / compass / barometer-altitude / speed information is displayed in the center core.
- Location and moon phase function is displayed in the lower area.

2. Current Time
- Displays the current time and date information.

3. Compass
- Shows the compass and orientation information.
- If the compass is inaccurate, please wave your device in a figure 8-shaped. (Set -> User's Guide)

4. Barometer, Altimeter
- displays the this area's current barometric pressure and altitude information.
- You need using the GPS setting, if you want to the altitude information.

5. Speed
- When moving with the device, displays the current speed.
- You need to set a high accuracy GPS
- If you use for a long time, it can be consumed the battery quickly.

6. Flash
- You can use it like a flashlight.

7. Location
- The locations are marked on the map.

8. Settings
- You can choose to Celsius (โ„ƒ) or Fahrenheit (โ„‰) of displayed temperature.
- You can check the instruction manual.

โ€ป Notes
This app does not exhibit the enough performance such as a professional climbing watch. And can not guarantee 100% accuracy of the data.
The device's GPS and network usage setting is required for more accurate display.
Because high-accuracy consumes a lot of the battery, does not recommend the use of a long time.
I hope use this app only when you need it.

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Mountain Watch (M-Watch)
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