Motiwake - Motivational Alarm Clock

Motiwake - Motivational Alarm Clock

The motivational alarm clock - wake up every morning feeling like a champion!

Motiwake - Motivational Alarm Clock
Motiwake - Motivational Alarm Clock Motiwake - Motivational Alarm Clock Motiwake - Motivational Alarm Clock Motiwake - Motivational Alarm Clock Motiwake - Motivational Alarm Clock Motiwake - Motivational Alarm Clock Motiwake - Motivational Alarm Clock Motiwake - Motivational Alarm Clock

Motiwake is the next generation alarm app that plays a motivational track as your alarm.

It has been the number one alarm app for many users over the years. Watch your productivity soar as you begin every day being woken up by a famous world leader athlete successful businessman or entrepreneur motivational speaker movie or rock star.

You are what you consume and Motiwake will make sure you only consume the content for champions leaders winners.

Join a club of thousands of users who already start their days with improved energy increased motivation levels stronger willpower and discipline amazing productivity.

************RECOMMENDED USAGE************

- the tracks are truly inspirational and some have very educational content it's recommended you listen to the entire track before dismissing it or deciding to keep it for your next alarm

- the app uses network data it's best if you connect your phone to your home wifi and on the charger

- the alarm tracks are mostly speech and dialogue so the hardest sleepers should test the alarm a few times and see if it does the job of waking them up

- try turning off the vibrate and enjoy the track fully and without distractions

************GUIDELINES AND DESCRIPTION************

The Motiwake alarm is unique. It differs from the other alarms in your alarm list because it cannot be deleted or created again and its label can't be changed.

Each time you use it you get a different motivational audio track unless you choose to keep the same track for your next alarm as well. Hitting the 'Dismiss' button continues the track rotation hitting the 'Dismiss and keep using' button keeps the track for the next alarm. You can keep using the same track as long as you want.

The first couple of versions will work with a fairly big but still limited set of tracks
so the recommended usage for the best inspirational experience is to set your
Motiwake alarm when you truly need to be notified in a refreshing and uplifting manner (ex. each morning).

Many of the tracks are in the form of a motivational speech or dialogue. Their sound level is
amplified as much as possible without a substantial loss of quality but they still might not
be loud enough to awaken some of the hardest sleepers so for that aim a loud bell sound is prepended to each track.
If you are a hard sleeper you might want to test Motiwake a few times or have a backup alarm
set as well before completely relying on it for waking up.
Connecting the phone with speakers should also provide a great waking experience.
If disabling the vibrate is an alternative for you you\'ll get to hear the tracks without
any distractions and in the most clear way.

The tracks are motivational educational and capture some of history's most important moments
and people so even after waking up a general guideline for the most knowledge-thirsty
of you would be to let the track finish.

Motiwake prepares the next track after the alarm is dismissed so make sure to have your
power and home wifi connected for the most efficient network usage.

Currently all the tracks are in English if there is demand and traction is gained tracks
and choice for additional languages will be added.

Stay awesome!

About this version (2.5.0)

A subtle crash when snoozing was fixed, and the legendary morning coffee articles are back!

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Updated: 25 June 2020 (301 days ago)
Installations: more than 10 000
Motiwake - Motivational Alarm Clock
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