Final Hero: Fantasy Merge RPG

Final Hero: Fantasy Merge RPG

Merge your idle monsters and become RPG heroes!

Final Hero: Fantasy Merge RPG
Final Hero: Fantasy Merge RPG Final Hero: Fantasy Merge RPG Final Hero: Fantasy Merge RPG Final Hero: Fantasy Merge RPG Final Hero: Fantasy Merge RPG Final Hero: Fantasy Merge RPG

Welcome to Final Hero!

Fighting hunters have been sent by the King to destroy the marvel ous universe. Its down to the monsters to save our home!

🐲 Compete with rival monster masters. Become the champion of each monster clash battle match!
Fun and offline battling monster merging training game! Win coins and diamonds to unlock cool things! Challenge every trainer in the whole world in merge monsters, with brand new real-time power ups and special moves! Enter the royale battle or magic competition showing your own hero avatar and giving you time to practice before the mega boss monster match begins. Unlock new rewarding achievements, play this final fantasy epic and compete against other monster trainers from all around the globe. The update also comes with a cloud save function, so you won’t lose any progress, and new coin and gem packages you can buy to use in the game. The merge gameplay means it is time to relax, so stop the rush and play chill games. Get ready to join the world of monster battling and be the number 1 monster champion!

Experience the clash world of merge monster fighting
Become almost a hero in this free monster collecting paradise with incredible 3D effects on 2D characters that keeps you playing, as more content and functions are added each month. The game has 100+ monsters, each designed with a unique set of special attacks and beautiful visuals. Let the battle commence in the right way and make the ultimate winner. Carefully choose the right monster to battle your enemy, use the special Legendary monsters for bonus strength, and find creative ways to defeat the end of boss before you are out of time. Master cute and funny new monsters with our innovative match and merge play style. Head into monster warfare with dynamic 2D settings and animations that jump, bounce, spin, brick and wobble. Show your best superhero monster building skills, in single player mode & in our up and coming online real-time PvP multiplayer mode.

Select your favorite monster element types and unleash energy!
Fire, wind, grass, dark, lightening, holy, and water are the main elements. Each have unique abilities and help you collect coins and gems to buy and unlock the coolest upgrades! Battle with a fire animal type, water beast, grass slasher, or even a powerful wind bird like hurricane. For the old school pokemon fans we now also have runes that give bigger power ups like income multiplier, health boosts, more potions, extra attacks damage, and many more. Prefer dragons or sea creatures? There are lots of choices in growing, nurturing and evolving your favourite animal. Check them out now and we have many more and be the coolest trainer among us all!

β˜… Fun multi monster dragon clash championship
β˜… Collect hundreds of epic heroes
β˜… New boss battle camera effects added in Game Play
β˜… Simple merge and evolve mechanics
β˜… Rise up as a star monster hunter!
β˜… Daily rewards!
β˜… Single player arcade mode and adventure mode
β˜… Never worry about losing your monsters
β˜… Crazy digital monster battles that can madden you
β˜… Incredible characters, graphics and 3D effects
β˜… Explore multiple terrains and worlds full of legendary monsters
β˜… Cloud Save function for Adventure Video Games! [coming soon]
β˜… Master different elements and interactive objects in each battle
β˜… Monthly content updates, with new features, runes, daily events and even more to achieve
β˜… Easy, responsive finger controls for smartphone and tablet
β˜… Use coins to unlock new upgrades and skills plus other cool items in the store
β˜… Realistic monster movements based on physics
β˜… Select your favourite adventure monster, like the fire type
β˜… Make your way to the top of the monster levels and level up to become a monster super hero
β˜… Grow your powerful monster collection and clash to win those battles!

For help, questions and support e-mail: Let us know what you like, and what needs improving!

About this version (0.2.3)

Awesome new update with loads of cool new features. Watch out! Monsters can be knocked-out now! Good luck!

Other versions

0.2.0 released on 02 September 2021 (463 days ago)

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Size: 0 MB
Version: 0.2.3 by Fumb Games
Updated: 17 September 2021 (448 days ago)
Released: 01 February 2021
Installations: more than 10 000
Final Hero: Fantasy Merge RPG
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1 Star: 11

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