MMOQuest (mobitva)

MMOQuest (mobitva)

MMO Quest is a massively multiplayer online game for real-time battles

MMOQuest (mobitva)
MMOQuest (mobitva) MMOQuest (mobitva) MMOQuest (mobitva) MMOQuest (mobitva) MMOQuest (mobitva) MMOQuest (mobitva)

MMO Quest is a massively multiplayer online game with elements of real-time battles and exciting tasks. Thousands of online players and an active chat will not let you get bored.

This game is based on the motives of the once famous java game - mobitva or Mobitva. The main difference is a completely different gameplay, many innovations. Constant updates and additions.

The game contains:
Race - Narmas and Sheyvane. These peoples are constantly at war for the lands from which they receive income and other important advantages.
Thousands of different Monsters, Quests, Items.
Various types of battles such as Duel, Survival, Clan Tournaments, Duel Challenge, Monster Battles, Surprise Robberies.
Shops, auction with lots from other players.
Hundreds of different locations with exciting tasks and difficult Monsters which can sometimes only be defeated by a team.
Premium account, which can be activated only for game resources.
Clear rules to follow.

By participating in battles or completing tasks helping local residents, you will be able to receive various resources necessary to pump skills and improve equipment.

By pumping the level, new locations, tasks, monsters, auction, types of battles, chat will become available to you.

By joining a clan and receiving bonuses from battles, a clan totem will become available to you that will increase the characteristics of your character. And also other members of the clan will be able to help you in robberies.

Completing some tasks, you will also become available to improve items that increase the characteristics of your character.

Having received any rare item, you have the opportunity to sell it in stores or put it up for auction so that other players could purchase it.

The developers are constantly updating and supplementing the game, which makes it relevant.

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About this version (0.27)

Новая иконка, Новое выделение, Исправление ошибок

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Size: 0 MB
Version: 0.27 by MMOQO
Updated: 15 April 2021 (490 days ago)
Released: 10 August 2020
Installations: more than 10 000
MMOQuest (mobitva)
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1 Star: 313

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