Mishna Yomi

Mishna Yomi

English Mishna Yomi Shiur covering 2 daily Mishnayos on the world-wide programme

Mishna Yomi
Mishna Yomi Mishna Yomi Mishna Yomi Mishna Yomi Mishna Yomi

English language Mishna study at your fingertips!

Join an English Mishna Yomi shiur requiring about 10 minutes of daily Mishna study covering two Mishnayos every day on the world-wide Mishna Yomi programme.

Alternatively use the “Browse” functionality to learn any book of the Mishnah at your own pace and in your own time!

The Mishnah shiurim were recorded during the learning of the Mishnah Yomi group of Ohr Somayach Savoy in Johannesburg, South Africa. The group have been learning together every morning before davening for many years.

To learn more, visit our website www.mishnaportal.co.za.

For any questions or comments please e-mail us on mishnaportal@gmail.com.

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