Mira Music-guitar ukulele teaching

Mira Music-guitar ukulele teaching

Addictive gamified guitar teaching Ukulele learn to play and sing around

Mira Music-guitar ukulele teaching
Mira Music-guitar ukulele teaching Mira Music-guitar ukulele teaching Mira Music-guitar ukulele teaching Mira Music-guitar ukulele teaching Mira Music-guitar ukulele teaching Mira Music-guitar ukulele teaching

You may have tried many ways to learn guitar
But I feel more or less lacking
Or those courses are too boring to see
Or learning the guitar itself is a difficult thing

We are committed to helping you get started learning guitar easily:
1. Minimalist and clear video lets you quickly master guitar skills
2. Original & Adapted Music, Let Music Lovers Dive Into Piano
3. Accurate pickup, so that every note you play can have immediate feedback
4. The guitar is a toy that plays music freely, while practicing, playing music and games freely
5. Completely original music theory video, let you learn the principle of music happily

Music should never be boring and intimidating
We hope to help you with these qualities:
(Xiao Bai) likes music, but didn't start learning guitar
(Beginner) I started learning to play guitar, but I wanted to give up many times
(Getting Started) The boring guitar practice process makes you less active
(Proficient) This is a platform where you can find more music acquaintances here, and I hope you can help more guitar lovers

We are a technology-driven team focused on audio algorithms and AI learning
Each of us likes music very, very, very much
This is a work we made with our heart. I hope you can enjoy it!

[Professional guitar ukulele course]
 Mi Lu Music has guitar and ukulele lessons. The guitar contains 17 stations and more than 100 lessons. Ukulele contains 12 stations and more than 90 lessons. The guitar ukulele has practiced more than 200 songs.
Go through the level and you will learn a musical instrument that will accompany you for a lifetime!
[Orchestrated guitar ukulele practice system]
Music professionals from UCSD, Berkeley College of Music, Central Conservatory of Music, etc., are all based on guitar ukulele beginner attributes, from simple to advanced, from skills to music theory.
Skilled Etudes can also be fun and lively on the beautiful interactive performance page.
[Guide to Ukulele Guitar One-on-One Daily Coaching]
The senior guitar teacher U Keli Li supervises the whole process, feedbacks the learning progress, and follows up the quality of learning. Guitar Ukelili dry goods sharing, answering questions throughout the process.
[Guitar Ukulele Playing World Music Library]
New songs and art columns are waiting for you every week. You will find classic must-play tracks and popular songs.

【contact us】
Customer Service Teacher Line ID: miraellen
Email: contact@mintmuse.com


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