Milky Way Memo Light

Milky Way Memo Light

Personal notebook memo and organizer with linked notes in arbitrary hierarchy.

Milky Way Memo Light
Milky Way Memo Light Milky Way Memo Light Milky Way Memo Light Milky Way Memo Light Milky Way Memo Light Milky Way Memo Light Milky Way Memo Light Milky Way Memo Light Milky Way Memo Light Milky Way Memo Light Milky Way Memo Light Milky Way Memo Light Milky Way Memo Light Milky Way Memo Light Milky Way Memo Light Milky Way Memo Light Milky Way Memo Light Milky Way Memo Light

Personal notebook, memo and organizer for collecting, storing and using information sorted by notes and application documents employing connection between notes for informational menu creation as well as mind mapping on defined subject. Information in any note is shown as text, blocks of image with text and attachments grid at the note end. Texts can be illustrated with images and a text description can be added to any attachment using block of image with text.

It is especially good for collecting, keeping and using information organized in arbitrary way, not template based. Hierarchy of any complexity is allowed. Wide use of link between notes concept here is its distinctive feature providing an easy way of creating menu of arbitrary hierarchy to information of any complexity and which helped in the application name and logo definition.

Can be used on multiple devices even without internet connection after document files copy with external cards, Bluetooth, WiFi Direct or PC USB connection.

Organize your home projects, keep a diary. Store galleries of photos with their description. Add text info about files attached to notes usage. Plan your camping trips or journey, write travel diary. Make a text description of a traversed path or route tied to a map, or create an itinerary. Use as a help tool which is always at hand to not go astray in a forest or use for field data collection. Create equipment lists, shopping lists, groceries lists which can be always at hand. Plan your budget, use it for expenses accounting or other sums calculation, prepare email templates or SMS templates, create your full contacts archive or address book.

Features of version 3.9+
- Text typing on keyboard, voice to text option in text entry.
- Photo, audio, video, any document files attaching to notes for any 10 notes of every application document.
- Geographic tracks and notes with current geographic coordinates. Editing and viewing descriptions of tracks markers just from a map.
- Two alternative interfaces. One is for editing and viewing multiple short notes, other one is for working with single long note and note with attachments.
- Menu of arbitrary hierarchy creation as well as notes search tags. Speeded up access to information by references. Easy notes navigation by paging. Paging lists of notes in horizontal direction to lists deeper into hierarchy (as in a book) and vertical direction (scroll lists of notes up and down).
- Widgets for device home screen. All notes. Notes of selected document and list. Schedule. Pinned notes.
- Multiple documents support, copy and move notes or tree of notes between lists of the same or different documents. Text and attachments exchange with other applications installed on device.
- Schedule and reminder.
- Geofences and tracks. Reminder of location events such as inside, outside or crossing geofence boundary and track recording by these events (up to 3000 measured coordinates and up to 15000 coordinates in tracks list).
- Notes functions. Call a number, template emails and sms, show geo coordinates or address on a map, open internet link in a browser, define note color and sums calculated for numeric values from notes, custom formulas definition. Sum of values from selected notes.
- Import and export of application documents and contacts.

Full version "Milky Way Memo" implements even more features but this application "Milky Way Memo Light" has the same documents creation and usage functionality and the same user interface as in its full version. All documents created in it could be imported into full version if you decided to purchase it later.

You can see on the screenshots above a document named "sample", included into distributing package. But you would be able to organize information inside your own documents any way you choose.


About this version (3.12)

1.Fixed errors in export-import of a document with attachments in some cases 2.Added attachments check in "Check document integrity" option (visibility set in app. settings) V.3.9 1.New extended UI of adding (floating action button "+") and editing of long note with possibility of setting tags and any number of events, reminders for a note, with bottom navigation panel to navigate between edit forms, and with separate screen for text editing, note's color selection, etc..

Other versions

3.9 released on 13 April 2021 (787 days ago)
3.8 released on 01 November 2020 (950 days ago)
3.6 released on 19 July 2020 (1055 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 0 MB
Version: 3.12 by Sergey Prokopenko
Updated: 25 April 2021 (775 days ago)
Released: 18 October 2015
Installations: more than 100 000
Milky Way Memo Light
5 Stars: 144
4 Stars: 62
3 Stars: 41
2 Stars: 0
1 Star: 51

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