Meteo Calculator

Meteo Calculator

Meteo calculator for temperature humidity dew point heat index and wind chill

Meteo Calculator
Meteo Calculator Meteo Calculator Meteo Calculator Meteo Calculator Meteo Calculator Meteo Calculator Meteo Calculator Meteo Calculator

With this meteo calculator, you get some handy calculators all in one app, directly usable on board of your ship. The theory section backs you up with some important theoretical meteo terms. You will learn the importance of the dew point.

A first calculator concerns temperature and wind. You can convert temperature between Celsius degrees and Fahrenheit degrees. You can also convert wind between Beaufort and Knots.

A second calculator is all about relative humidity. It lets you calculate the dew point temperature and relative humidity based an psychrometer temperatures (wet and dry) and atmospheric pressure. This calculator also calculates cloud heights as explained in the theory section. Further you can calculate relative humidity based on dew point temperature.

A third calculator is about heat index and wind chill. Heat index is based on air temperature and relative humidity. Wind chill index is calculated on air temperature and apparent wind.

Every calculator has its own help page for a better understanding. Certainly check that page.

The theory section clearly explains all these terms. How temperature observations are done on board of a ship, humidity is clarified and how it can be measured on board, definition of dew point is discussed, how to measure it with a psychrometer and the importance it plays for cargo treatment, and how it can be used in practice (estimate weather conditions, calculate cloud height, ventilation of cargo holds).

The last paragraph treats also heat index and wind chill.

Each chapter in the theory section has a loudspeaker icon. You can click on this to convert the text to speech, no internet connection needed. Enjoy!

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