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Meta Cims the app to save your goals and summits achieve

Meta Cims
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Meta Cims is a mobile application for hikers, climbers and mountains lovers. It is a simple application, intended to promote the most exciting and recreational aspects of the mountain.

The main objective of the application is to present a list of the mountains in Catalonia, North Catalonia, Andorra and main summits above 3000 m. of Pyrenees, Huesca, Sierra Nevada and Mallorca, and be able to subsequently save them, together with annotation and interest points as we ascend them or make our route plans.

Key characteristics
• List of information about the most popular mountains found in Catalonia, North Catalonia, Andorra, main summits above 3000 m. of Pyrenees, Huesca and Sierra Nevada, and Alpine four-thousander with names, altimetry, photography, locations, information and maps. Currently our list comprises 900 mountains.
• Ability to register summits reached and save to favourites and planned routes.
• The application provides personalised statistics: how many summits reached, when, how often, etc. The application is, similarly, a personal database.

About this version (3.9)

- Sumado al listado el reto de los '4000 de los Alpes' .. comenzamos a ser internacionales. - Ampliadas las estadísticas hasta cubrir la altura del techo del mundo. - Actualizadas las bibliotecas del sistema.

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