Messenger X - Chat App Store

Messenger X - Chat App Store

Chat with AI Friends for News Score and More

Messenger X - Chat App Store
Messenger X - Chat App Store Messenger X - Chat App Store Messenger X - Chat App Store Messenger X - Chat App Store Messenger X - Chat App Store Messenger X - Chat App Store Messenger X - Chat App Store Messenger X - Chat App Store

Messenger X is the one stop destination for everyday chat apps, powered by AI at the back to open the world to you at the drop of a text message.

Getting access to an AI friend and companion is just a text away to kill your boredom.

Chatbots, or the chat apps, provide a new age solution for the new generation to get information, news, live sports scores, horoscope, weather, technology in a format deemed comfortable by a majority of the users.

Why people love AI apps?

Chatbots, or AI chat apps use natural language processing, serve as effective agents by companies and data providers to serve their users. The main and most important reason is the increased productivity. Though the technology is at an initial stage, more and more people want to use automated chat agents to get their work done due to the instant response times for their needs. No need now to wait to connect to a human at the other end or doing the work done manually. Chatbots provide the best solution and are getting adopted at a rapid pace.

Messenger X features and partner apps

We have partnered with a number of AI app publishers to get their best products to you on our platform. From News to Horoscope to Finance to Entertainment, we have got you covered.

Latest Entertainment updates
If you want to watch funny dog videos of what's been happening to your favorite superstar’s life, just drop in a query and get started. Now we can’t do everything right now but killing your boredom is our new favorite.

Latest Sports Scores, Stats
Cricket, Football, Basketball or any other favorite sport, our partner apps will provide you with the latest score updates, injuries, news, schedules, just drop in a text and find out what’s happening. Don’t think twice when you are busy and get updated to carry on with your productive day.

Infotainment, Cooking Recipes, Gadgets
Now apart from entertainment, our users need quick information. Now don’t go to the internet when you have to find out which mobile phone to buy, or getting information about a cooking recipe. Our cooking, lifestyle and technology chat apps will do that for you at any time of the day in a way customised for you.

Horoscope, Astrology
Find out what the universe has planned out for you. No need to go researching and getting that information on multiple sources and getting confused. Our simple and easy to use Horoscope app will tell it all. Your relationship, career advice and everything about the stars, your AI friend is there to guide you along the way like a true companion.

Every user is unique for us and we know one shoe does not fit all. So you can customize your chat apps of your own likings and needs according to you. The more you converse with our chat apps, the better they get. That is the beauty of AI.

Why Messenger X?

Increased Productivity

Backed by research, a majority of people switch to use chatbots over the conventional methods, as it makes them productive. There is no wait time to get connected with a human partner, people love chatbots for their speed. Getting things done instantly is the new age’s rule. 3 words are enough to explain it all about messenger X - EASE, SPEED AND CONVENIENCE.

Getting Information

People love using chatbots to do their daily tasks instead of a search engine. Now you don’t have to go through a ton of text to get your answers, Instead just drop in a query and let AI do it for you. Get information about news, sports, weather, travel, food recipes, stock prices on messenger X

Chat Apps for Entertainment

Though Chatbots make you productive, they are equally effective when you want to be entertained and not work. They are fun to talk with. When you are bored and want someone to talk to, you can do that in a fun and non intrusive way with the AI chat apps as they will always remain calm and fun.

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About this version (0.999.493)

💬 Messenger X is a chat app store with over 60+ AI Friends for News, Horoscope, Score and More Featuring Exclusive AI Powered Chat Apps such as 👇 Jeanie - Your Virtual AI Girl Friend CricBuddy - Your Live Cricket Scores Buddy 🏏 Astro Bot - Daily Horoscopes for All Zodiac Signs ♍ We try to bring you new AI friends every month. No Extra Install or Download Required Bug Fixes + Optimizations

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0.994 released on 20 November 2020 (1108 days ago)

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Messenger X - Chat App Store
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