Messages is a free application for sending & receiving text message

Messages Messages Messages Messages Messages

Messages provides an easy way to send SMS/MMS messages in dual SIM situation.

Messages is a free text messaging application for sending and receiving messages. No internet connection required. Send various content and keep in touch with all your friends. Send text or send multimedia messages such as photos cute emojis beautiful stickers or make a quick call in a chat.

Messages is a preset SMS messaging application with many powerful functions. New text messaging app replace the boring old messaging app! Send text messages on all Android phones that support text messaging services and enjoy the best experience. Send message as you like without restrictions and barriers. Chat with all your friends whether your friends have the same google message or not messages will be delivered!

If you want a free fast wonderful and private text messaging application then Messaging - SMS & MMS will be your first choice. An google messenger that incorporates the best features that cannot be found elsewhere!

⚑ News
-Send text messages without internet connection
-Messenger for Messages Video Chat Caller ID
-Messenger Home - SMS Widget and Home Screen
-Report The message has been sent the mail has been sent the mail has been delivered...
-Send SMS to anyone
-Send multimedia SMS

😎 Walking mode with augmented reality
-Live chat background in real time
-Pay attention to your surroundings while entering messages

πŸ”’ Password with intruder selfie function
-Lock messages to protect your privacy
-The intruder selfie feature will immediately catch any input errors
Password person

😹 Big emojis and stickers
-Use stylish emojis to express emotions or send great stickers

πŸ”Š Voice to text
-Convert voice to text message

❀️ Favorite messages
-Save your favorite pictures photos or videos

πŸ›‘οΈ Block contacts
-Stop spam
-Stop annoying people

🌟 Theme
-Edit the chat and chat bubbles by selecting the chat theme.
-Set text bubble color chat theme chat background
-Customize your own photo chat wallpaper

🌎 Language
-Our text messaging app supports 25 languages

Messages is beautiful simple and easy to use. The user interface is neat and clear. With your devices you can send SMS via both SIMs or send MMS via active mobile network.

If you’re using Messaging - SMS & MMS on a android devices it will integrate with Launcher badge icon to show unread messages notification. You may set a message reply as a task in Do It Later as well. Never miss any important messages from VIPs!

You can backup all SMS messages in your devices or send the backup file with an email. After resetting your devices it’s easy to restore all your message conversations from a backup file.

You may change the background picture in your own choices or apply the system theme change to give a different look to your Messaging app

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Messenger Home. Fast. Secure. Easy.

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Size: 16 MB
Version: 1.3 by SMS-Messages
Updated: 27 August 2020 (1007 days ago)
Released: 30 July 2020
Installations: more than 10 000
5 Stars: 1003
4 Stars: 105
3 Stars: 38
2 Stars: 19
1 Star: 28

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