Merge Legions: war battle game

Merge Legions: war battle game

Art of strategy war battle games & legion merge. Army simulator and match game

Merge Legions: war battle game
Merge Legions: war battle game Merge Legions: war battle game

Merge Legions - battle merge game that will give you the ultimate chance to withstand the enemies clash shoulder to shoulder with your brothers-in-arms and defend your lands. Muster your troops, employ the help of magical creatures, and let’s get merging. The merge army awaits your command!

The kingdom is invaded! Everything is in ruins! What to do?

Play Merge Legions, a battle strategy game with a twist: all creatures can be merged to become stronger, get tactical abilities or even turn into unique heroes. Your job is to conquer territories and develop your own kingdom into an ultimate military powerhouse. Clash rival armies in massive battles and have fun discovering more creatures within your ranks.

Start merging now!

Fun online merge battle game that lets you merge every building, every creature, every item. Each action is an upgrade to power up your kingdom, army and your own authority. You’ve never seen a merging game with so much freedom.

Your kingdom is home to many races and majestic beings eager to take part in a real war strategy game. Swordsmen, Archers, Snipers, Fire Mages, Knights, Orcs, Dragons, Dwarf Demolitionists... Collecting them all is your top priority!

Will you use infantry as a cannon fodder for your dragons to finish off the enemy? Or maybe you prefer your archer army to darken the sky with a volley of arrows? What can be better than a bomb barrage with a crescendo of a magical fire storm? Choose any tactics, step your merge army game up, and make it spectacular.

What’s cool about our game is that the potential of your legion is unlimited. True massive army battles: 10x10, 20x20, 50x50, hundreds of your legionnaires against hundreds of foes. Now that’s a real war game!

- Conquer all lands!
- Discover every single merge combination!
- Bring glory to your kingdom by matching & merging!

About this version (1.0.18)

Added Arena, Bounty Board, new buildings and new high level units!

Other versions

1.0.17 released on 07 April 2022 (349 days ago)
1.0.15 released on 03 March 2022 (384 days ago)
1.0.13 released on 14 February 2022 (401 days ago)
1.0.12 released on 29 December 2021 (448 days ago)
1.0.11 released on 10 December 2021 (467 days ago)
1.0.7 released on 22 November 2021 (485 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 0 MB
Version: 1.0.18 by AppLife Limited
Updated: 12 May 2022 (314 days ago)
Released: 22 November 2021
Installations: more than 10 000
Merge Legions: war battle game
5 Stars: 507
4 Stars: 174
3 Stars: 232
2 Stars: 54
1 Star: 132

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