Memory Game and Puzzle Game

Memory Game and Puzzle Game

Puzzle Games Coloring Games Memory Games Animals Sounds and ABC in one app

Memory Game and Puzzle Game
Memory Game and Puzzle Game Memory Game and Puzzle Game Memory Game and Puzzle Game

Our app includes more than 8 different game and entertainment app

☛ Painting App
☛ Puzzle App
☛ Memory Game
☛ Animals App
☛ Fruits and Vegetables
☛Transport Photos and Sounds
☛ English Letter
☛ Number in English

Painting app will let you improve your painting imagination, including well-chosen black and white coloring pages. This free painting app will let you have a fun and improve your painting skills and learn to concentrate. This free drawing app contains big collections of black and white coloring pages. The use of our drawing app is very easy. Choose category and choose any coloring page you want and start painting by choosing a color from a color palette. Color palette includes 21 different colors. Our coloring book, is full of beautiful coloring pictures and designed for all ages.

✔ Coloring pictures of flowers.
✔ Coloring pictures of animals.
✔ Coloring pictures of fruits.
✔ Transports Pictures.
✔ Trees Photos.
✔ Nature Photos.
✔ Black and white coloring pages.

Memory card games have always been popular and favorite games for everybody from really young kids to old people. “Memory Game” is a free memory app for kids and adults. Instructions are so simple that very small kids can play easily. It requires attention, concentration and a good memory. This card memory game is one of concentrating card games. Kids should memorize cards. In this memory card game, players match cards. It is also adults’ memory game. This memory match game improves memory and cognitive memory, trains brain to remember matching cards. It is a very good exercise for brain.


✔ Colorful HD graphic
✔ Memory app in English language
✔ 140 animals, 60 vehicles and cars, 90 of vegetables and fruits
✔ Visual memory training
✔ Improve memory skills

“Puzzle Game” includes well-chosen colorful animals puzzle pictures. This app will let you have a fun and discover new puzzles. This puzzle game contains big collections of jigsaw puzzles in HD Format.This free jigsaw game gives you the perfect free Jigsaw puzzle experience.

✔ Well-chosen puzzle pictures.
✔ Puzzle game pictures with HD quality.
✔ 3 difficulty levels.
✔ Large collection of puzzles with animals, paintings, nature landscapes.
✔ 10 Puzzle categories.
✔ 30 Language support.

“Animal Sounds” teaches animals names, including well-chosen colorful animals picture and real animal sounds. This app will let you have a fun and discover new animals and animals sounds. This application contains big collections of pet animals, wild animals, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds & insects real animals picture in HD Format.

✔ Well-chosen animal pictures.
✔ Pronunciation of animal names.
✔ Animals pictures with HD quality.
✔ Spelling of animal names.
✔ Animals flash cards.
✔ Real animal sounds.
✔ Farm animal sounds.
✔ Wild animal sounds.

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Memory Game and Puzzle Game
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