Meditation & Sounds by Verv

Meditation & Sounds by Verv

Guided meditation courses with soothing sleep sounds and relax melodies

Meditation & Sounds by Verv
Meditation & Sounds by Verv Meditation & Sounds by Verv Meditation & Sounds by Verv Meditation & Sounds by Verv Meditation & Sounds by Verv Meditation & Sounds by Verv

Meditation & Sounds by Verv is a mindful meditation app that offers a complex approach to mindfulness, goal-based guided meditation courses, 5-minutes “911” singles, relaxing music and soothing sounds and how-to-do essentials.

- based on your goal (productivity, self-esteem, stress relief, anxiety relief, work on relationship, relaxation, weight loss, fighting depression and anxiety, meditation for beginners or if you want to quit falling asleep at work or dream of falling asleep fast and other programs)
- a mindfulness app which is tuned to your moods and feelings every time you launch the meditation app
- this meditation app for deep relaxation is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Russian.

- scientifically-based color selection (helps you focus on stress relief as well as anxiety relief)
- different colors assist you in setting up a particular state of mind or relax and sleep well

- one of the best meditation apps for quick stress relief in under 5 minutes is a great anxiety helper
- meditate 24/7 upon your availability
- support yourself wherever you are with guided meditaitons

- 50+ relaxing sounds and calming music for meditation (ocean sounds (e.g. ocean waves), relax rain sounds, white noise, nature sounds for sleep and relaxation, relaxing music for stress relief, soothing sleep sounds, relax sounds to help you sleep better, anti anxiety meditation music and more)
- special KIDS SLEEP pack filled with relax melodies
- relaxing music and anti stress sounds packs will satisfy different needs

- scientific-based advice on how to meditate, tips on meditation for beginners, tips that help you relax and sleep better
- unique, succinct and relevant content related to meditations
- this meditation app is updated regularly

• Anxiety
• Creativity
• Happiness
• Managing Stress
• Productivity
• Relationship
• Self-Love
• Sleep
• Sport Motivation
• Weight Loss

Meditation & Sounds by Verv app is FREE to download, however Premium subscription makes all the app content available.

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About this version (1.4)

We are always seeking new ways to enhance your mindful experience 🌿: With new sharing option you can let your friends in on what you listen to and show them the best quote from the mediation practice in your Instagram stories or other favorite media. 📈Profile trendy brand-new look with more useful stats: mindful days, mindful minutes, total sessions. Share how far you've come with meditation 🙏 Enjoy! And if you have something to share, drop us a line at

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