Meditation Music & Timer ++

Meditation Music & Timer ++

Meditator - Meditation Music, Guided Meditations & More With Built-in Timer.

Meditation Music & Timer ++
Meditation Music & Timer ++ Meditation Music & Timer ++ Meditation Music & Timer ++ Meditation Music & Timer ++ Meditation Music & Timer ++

This app is no longer being supported please consider using our (much better) new app in the Play Store called "Meditation App by Balance In Me". Our new app has loads of audio meditations in it from several different meditation categories and cool related content!

Meditation timer with seven different types of meditation Silent meditation meditation music binaural meditation guided journey meditation chakra meditation sleep meditation and relaxing sounds for meditation. Each meditation types has different music and guided meditations. The meditation timer is built-in and can be configured with an alarm.

The app now has over 30 different meditation audios that you can download with the tap of a button. Once you download the meditation music it remains on your device forever and you can listen to it online or offline - all absolutely free! The meditation music is very high quality and was developed by a team of audio engineers.

Also comes with over 7 different guided meditations 3 guided journey meditations and over 10 different binaural beat sounds for your enjoyment. The meditation music for sleep uses theta waves that are known to induce deep relaxation and can help you fall asleep faster.

Meditator is the last meditation app you'll ever need. It comes with free meditation music guided meditation and now sleep meditation music as well!

New Stats achievements ability to pause and resume and battery-saving mode. 3 new meditation tracks plus two guided meditations (astral travel guided meditation dolphin guided meditation and beach guided meditation).

Now you can turn off your cellphone while the music still plays (this wasn't possible before!) so you can save battery while the timer and the music still runs.

Also comes with eight different types of binaural beats (hi/low alpha hi/low beta hi/low delta hi/low theta) that you can use to induce different effects in your brain while you meditate plus a new relaxing audio that combines several different binaural frequencies.

There IS a short-coming here The binaural beats audios only last 10 minutes each. I'm looking for ways to loop the audios so you can continue your meditation indefinitely but this is something that will likely come in a future version of Meditator.

This app is the perfect meditation companion to help you make the most out of each session. Right now there are two chakra meditation audios and I'm expecting to release the third within a few weeks.

I recommend that you wear headphones while listening to any of the tracks as many of them contain binaural beats to help you meditate deeper. I recommend wearing noise cancelling headphones.

Meditator is the best meditation timer that also comes with plenty of free meditation music. The best part is that you can download the music to your phone and listen to it offline! You do need an internet connection to download your music but once it's on your phone it's yours.

The best feature of Meditator is by far the meditation timer that combines five different types of meditations. In Meditator 1.2 the new version that is coming next week you'll also be able to listen to relaxing sounds and sleep meditation music. This is the last meditation app you'll ever need - and did I mention it's free?

Take advantage of this meditation timer and keep track of how long you're meditating. The stats feature lets you see at a glance how much time you've meditated and what your average meditation time is (plus lots of other useful metrics).

The fact that I'm working on this meditation timer every day should be proof that you must install this app right now. This meditation app is my life's work and if you want to experience deep meditation it has to be on your phone right now.

If you have any questions or concerns about this app you can reach me at joaquin (at)

About this version (1.34)

Getting ready for major update.

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Meditation Music & Timer ++
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