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Meditation | Down Dog

Calming Meditations Customized For You

Meditation | Down Dog
Meditation | Down Dog Meditation | Down Dog Meditation | Down Dog Meditation | Down Dog Meditation | Down Dog Meditation | Down Dog Meditation | Down Dog Meditation | Down Dog Meditation | Down Dog Meditation | Down Dog Meditation | Down Dog Meditation | Down Dog

Whether you’re looking to calm your mind during your day, or sleep better during your night, with Meditation you get a brand new guided, sleep, or walking meditation every time. As with all of Down Dog’s apps, Meditation is fully customizable and gives you the power to build a meditation practice you love!

Start in the comfort of your own home with guided and sleep meditations under 5 minutes. Or lace up your shoes and go for a mindful walk with our walking meditations.

Set your meditation time. Whether you only have a few minutes between meetings or need 90 minutes to yourself every day, create the practice that works for you.
Guided, Sleep, or Walking Meditations. Find some inner peace with our guided meditations, drift off to dreamland with our sleep meditations, or get the body moving and find calm with our walking meditations.
Choose a specific topic for your guided, sleep, or walking meditation to focus on, such as Self Love or Release Stress. Or turn off the theme entirely.
Select how much (or how little) our instructors guide you through your meditation.
Set the duration of silence you’d like and we won’t disturb your zen.

Choose from 6 different meditation instructors and be guided by a voice you love.

Choose between our calming music, nature sounds, brainwaves and spiritual playlists. Or bliss out in silence.

Automatically syncs across all your devices.

In addition to over 12 English-speaking voices, all practices are available in 9 other languages!

"A beautiful way to start my day. Thank you!" - Fiona

"Yesterday I tried a sleep meditation and it was so good I fell asleep immediately." - Laura

"It was amazing. Thank you for this content, you really help me through my day more than you can imagine." - K.R.

"First time trying a walking meditation! Loved it." - Erika
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Guided, Sleep, or Walking Meditations - choose from over 175 themes!

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Meditation | Down Dog
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