Medicare PlanFinder®

Medicare PlanFinder®

The Medicare Plan Finder® produces a report comparing the cost of Medicare plans

Medicare PlanFinder®
Medicare PlanFinder® Medicare PlanFinder® Medicare PlanFinder® Medicare PlanFinder® Medicare PlanFinder®

The Medicare PlanFinder® enables Medicare Eligibles to compare the known cost of their most suitable healthcare plans including an Employer Health Plan, Medicare Supplement Plan, Medicare Advantage PPO and Medicare Advantage HMO Plan. 1) Downdoad 2) Read the Instructions 3) Watch short educational videos including A) Medicare Basics B) Original Medicare C) Medicare Part C D) Medicare Part D e) Medigap. Next complete the Medicare FactFinder. Doctor and prescription medication information will be required to prepare deliverables. Complete and submit the Medicare FactFinder. Information you provide is confidential and protected by a Federal Law called HIPAA.
The Medicare FactFinder data is used to prepare your Medicare Plan Comparison Report. This deliverable is typically 9-13 pages summarizing your healthcare goals and circumstances. A detailed financial comparison of your projected out of pocket cost sharing expenses is provided for each plan being compared. A Table and Bar Chart clearly illustrate the known costs and worst cost scenarios based on data provided by and Medicare Plan Sponsors.
A Benefit Advisor will answer all of your questions until you can make a Medicare plan decision with a high degree of confidence. The Medicare plan enrollment process will be completed by the Benefit Advisor. Health&Wealth Advisors, LLC is an insurance broker. We are compensated by the Medicare Plan you select.There is no charge to Medicare Beneficiaries for this service.


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