Medicalog for Families

Medicalog for Families

Do you wish you could track your family's health?

Medicalog for Families
Medicalog for Families Medicalog for Families Medicalog for Families Medicalog for Families Medicalog for Families Medicalog for Families Medicalog for Families Medicalog for Families

Do you wish you could keep track with all the health issues in your family?

“Love it. Helps with keeping track of kids illness”
“Excellent app. allows me to keep track of my family's medical history without clogging up my general calendar”

Knowledge is power, and this app puts the power in your hands:

• Exact description of the disease onset and progress when talking to a doctor
• Easier identification of reoccurring problems for each family member separately
• Help you examine the connection between illness and treatment – did the treatment given really help over the long run, or should you maybe consider alternatives?
• A report for each family member showing his or her medical state throughout the year. You can easily see which illnesses are repeated, how many sick days where reported etc'
• An overview report for all family members
• A graphical calendar view for each person showing his daily status
• A calendar overview for the entire family
• Create your own "family medical cabinet"
• Log Doctor visits, appointments and prescribed medication with relation to problem
* Acts as a real Health Diary (a.k.a. Health Book, Medical Diary or Health Journal). Can also be used as menstruation tracker.
• Keep track of physical treatment (from medical procedures and surgeries to alternative medicine like acupuncture and shiatsu)
• Create your family's digital "vaccinations booklet"
• Keep detailed record of symptoms and other detailed physical state required for special treatments, like homeopathy
• Keep all your Family's medical history – Hospitalizations, allergies, blood type, chronic diseases and conditions and more
• Includes hundreds of symptoms (what is the issue, where it hurts, general feeling, fever, appetite, skin conditions and many more) and common diseases, all carefully collected with the advice of doctors and pharmacists. Search or pick by body region. In addition, you can manually add any information you care about
• A personalized treatments list (Report medication type, sickness days, doctors, specialists treatments, vaccinations and more)
• Great for any person responsible for tracking symptoms of others (as a mom and dad, your elderly parents, chronically sick child etc.)
* As some of our users do - keep track of sick pets too!
* Includes configurable reminders (can be used as simple medication reminder)
• Complete privacy! Your personal data is stored on your device and is only accessible by you
* Have your EMR - Electronic medical record - handy at all times
* Highest rated android app of its kind
• Free!

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Permissions: "External USB" is for backup, "Boot" is for allowing notifications, "Network state" is required to offer the right features when network is available and "billing" is to allow purchase of "pro" version.

Important notice: this application is not a replacement for medical advice. Please read our Terms of Use here:


About this version (2.05)

2.05 - bug fixes 2.03 - Now you can add notes (after upgrade) 2.01 - We now offer many new much-asked-for features through upgrades: Backup and restore, exact time reports (with possibility of multiple reports per day), more possible colors, new "specialists" report, no ads and much more. All previous options remain as they were, free as always. Please contact us with any problem you find and we'll fix ASAP.

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