Medgic - Scan, Analyze and Detect Skin Problems

Medgic - Scan, Analyze and Detect Skin Problems

Scan, analyze and check your skin with Artificial Intelligence. Fast and Free!

Medgic - Scan, Analyze and Detect Skin Problems
Medgic - Scan, Analyze and Detect Skin Problems Medgic - Scan, Analyze and Detect Skin Problems Medgic - Scan, Analyze and Detect Skin Problems Medgic - Scan, Analyze and Detect Skin Problems Medgic - Scan, Analyze and Detect Skin Problems

Medgic’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms allow scanning detection and analysis* of your skin on mobile phones in THREE SIMPLE STEPS

1) Use Medgic AI camera to take a photo of your skin condition or disease
2) Medgic AI brain will analyse.. No humans involved!
3) Medgic will tell you the results* along with some friendly advices*

- Camera to capture skin photographs and images
- To detect appraise and check for dermatological disease or conditions
- To analyze skin health and test for any dryness or inflammation
- To scan evaluate and recognize any skin problems
- To suggest friendly advices for general good health fitness and healthy lifestyle

- Inspect spot and scan for healthy beautiful or unhealthy skin
- Review investigate and examine for smooth or saggy bad and dry skin
- Analysis study and evaluation of unknown skin for any of the following common dermatological cutaneous problems or diseases (allergies allergy lump bump lesion discoloration darkening pigmentation sun burn solar damage erythema eczema dermatitis skin aging cancer squamous cell carcinoma basal cell carcinoma melanoma atopic dermatitis seborrheic keratosis acne zit pimple black head white head rosacea acne vulgaris comedone scarring scar wrinkle ulcer tumor pressure sore ringworm fungus larva migrans bite spider vein telangiectasia striae stretch mark mole nevus nevi vitiligo liver spot melasma dark or pigmented spot bruising hemangioma purpura psoriasis callus and corn abscess boil carbuncle furuncle folliculitis tinea keloid xerosis wart itchy skin pruritus wheal urticaria blister cold sore skin tag cyst lipoma ganglion fibroma tophi and other joint swellings.)

(see complete policy https//
- A diagnostic medical device or investigation. It cannot diagnose or perform health screening and checkup. It does not offer diagnosis histology dermatoscopy biopsy or other confirmatory services
- A replacement or substitution for consultation with a doctor licensed physician or qualified health care professional. It cannot provide second opinions and formal medical examination consult and guidance
- A therapeutic or management guide. It cannot offer treatment or dispense medications or creams
- A dermatologist dermatology clinic dermatology book resource or hospital
- An emergency service
- A referral for derm medics or skin specialists
- An AI doctor or robot physician. It cannot determine the final diagnosis and cannot treat humans
- An appropriate appraisal tool for hair nail and general health
- Guaranteed to provide 100% accurate results

We hope our AI technology can be deployed to the real world one day to benefit mankind but we are still a work in progress! Please rate us positively so that we can keep improving!


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Medgic - Scan, Analyze and Detect Skin Problems
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