meatless - meat intake tracker

meatless - meat intake tracker

Environment & sustainability app. Track water & Co2 you save by eating less meat

meatless - meat intake tracker
meatless - meat intake tracker meatless - meat intake tracker meatless - meat intake tracker meatless - meat intake tracker meatless - meat intake tracker

Are you looking to eat less meat and become vegetarian or vegan?
Do you want to live a more sustainable and eco friendly lifestyle?

Meet meatless 🍃 a free food tracker/meal tracker for meat consumption. A food diary for your diet, our meat tracker keeps an overview of your daily meat consumption and helps you learn how this can help your health and the environment with it.

Everyone! It is focused on the environment, health, sustainability, and eco friendly living. If you are a flexitarian, the app can help you to reduce your meat consumption. If you already live vegetarian, pescetarian, or vegan, the app offers you useful information on CO2 and water consumption. If you are eating a regular carnivore and need the motivation to go vegan, plant based or vegetarian, our meat tracker is the perfect app to do it.

At the moment, this app is mainly intended for flexitarians, i.e. for people who are actively looking to consume less meat, but as stated above, it can also be used as a vegetarian, pescetarian or vegan.

◉ The production of meat produces a lot of Co2 and uses lots of water and is therefore very harmful to the environment. So by eating less meat you are doing your part with small environmentalism & sustainability efforts.
◉ If you do without meat, you spare a lot of innocent animals.


◉ meatless offers you a built-in Co2 calculator that shows how many kilograms of Co2 you have saved.
◉ The values that serve as the basis for this calculation vary for each country and for the type of meat you consume.
◉ If you create an entry, the following types of meat are available: fish, pork, beef, poultry, and lamb.

◉ Similar to the Co2 calculator, the water calculator calculates how many liters of water you save if you do without meat.

◉ Compared to other food tracker apps, meatless offers many challenges to complete. This will motivate you to eat less meat, go vegetarian or go vegan.

◉ The calendar offers a perfect overview of previous entries.

◉ The app reminds you every day to record your eating behavior.

Oh, and by the way, this quit meat tracker app is free to use!

Start your journey to quit meat and become vegan or eat less meat.

💚Download meatless for a meat free eco lifestyle now!

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meatless - meat intake tracker
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