MCTS Tracker

MCTS Tracker

Live tracking for Milwaukee County Transit System buses!

MCTS Tracker
MCTS Tracker MCTS Tracker MCTS Tracker MCTS Tracker

Find yourself glancing down the street wondering where the bus is? Wonder no more with the MCTS Tracker app. Enter the stop number for the stop you're waiting at scan the stop's QR code or search to find out when the bus is getting there.

The system uses live data from the MCTS to determine arrival times.

By using the app you agree to the MCTS terms of service (http//; also the makers of this app are not affiliated with the Milwaukee County Transit System.

About this version (1.5.14)

+ Fix broken routes in map tracking & route selection. MCTS changed their minds over, over & over. So now we take steps to try every option and future proof potential changes ahead of time (thanks Richard, George) + Fix the arrival screen's arrival row's bus number missing a digit (thanks Melissa) + Added ability to go directly to the bus intersection list screen from the arrivals screen (sorta Melissa again) + Other crap I'm forgetting, its real late.

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MCTS Tracker
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